Five Stories from the Albert Baker Fund 2010 Message to Our Friends

Dear friend, think about it for a moment …

  • A first-year architecture student who dreams of ways to improve living conditions in other countries …
  • A law student who digs deeper to find evidence of divine Principle in her coursework …
  • A Christian Science nurse who loves what he does and can’t wait to lean more …
  • A Christian Science Military Chaplain who ministers to the spiritual needs of 800 U.S. Army soldiers and their families …
  • And a recent college graduate who just entered the full-time public practice of Christian Science

It’s what we, at The Albert Baker Fund, call “passing the blessings forward.” And it’s at the heart of every decision we make about the funds entrusted to us by Christian Scientists.

Read the full text of our 2010 Message to our Friends.
Read the full text of our Five Stories.



Andrew Hellmund

Andrew Hellmund
First-year architectural Studies Student
Geneva, New York

“With God and Christian Science as my foundation, going from high school to college has gone much more smoothly. Whenever there is the suggestion of stress or pressure, I turn to what I’ve learned in Christian Science to establish what God already knows.”

“Thanks to my Albert Baker Fund (ABF) grant I am able to spend more time on my classes during my first year of college. I am able to get my feet on the ground and then push off to all the opportunities around me!”

Andrew’s Story: Andrew is loving his first year of architecture classes and all that he is learning from his professors and the upperclassmen who have taken him under their wing. He thinks he might like to join the Peace Corps when he graduates so he can help find new ways to improve living conditions in developing countries. The closest Christian Science church is 45 minutes away (no car!) so a church member from home calls him once a week and they have their own Sunday sharing time.


Caitlin Norton
Law Student
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“As a law student, I love working with Mrs. Eddy’s concept of God as divine Principle. Recently the second half of her definition of church really stood out to me: ‘…whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.’* It made me realize that I can experience the activity of church right in the middle of my classes if I’m looking to go deeper.”

“I’ve decided to dive into my new branch church. I really like the informal, community feeling of our church and the fact that everyone shares on Wednesday evenings. I always take away something that helps me think more deeply about what I’m learning in my classes.”

Caitlin’s Story: After living in the United Arab Emirates as a girl, and then studying abroad in France, Vietnam and Cambodia while in college, Caitlin developed a lifelong love of everything international. right now she has her sights set on practicing international law, and the program at the University of Pittsburgh Law School is tailor-made for her — it offers internships abroad and a “Languages for Lawyers” program that enables students to learn legal vocabulary in several languages. Caitlin loves learning to be self-sufficient in a new city and making a whole new set of friends.

*CHURCH. The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 583:12-13)


Frank Groff

Frank Groff
Christian Science Nurse
Mexico City, and Princeton, New Jersey

“It’s a dazzling revelation to realize that we are not alone — that we have the whole Christian Science Movement behind us. You back us up and make us feel appreciated. Your support keeps us moving forward. Thank you.”

“I am hurrying as fast as I can to learn this wonderful art of Christian Science nursing and progress. You’re never finished. There is always something more to learn as a nurse and as a Christian Scientist!”

Frank’s Story: Frank was working in the corrugated paper box business in mexico City and wanting to learn more and more about Christian Science. He had spent three years sharing Christian Science in a women’s prison, taken Christian Science Class Instruction, and joined The mother Church and his branch church. When he asked God how he could best serve Him, the answer was distinct and clear: Christian Science nursing. The Albert Baker Fund helped Frank take the beginning Christian Science nursing course in 2006, an intermediate course in 2009, and he will begin an advanced Christian Science nursing course in February 2011.


Lauren Nofsinger

Lauren Nofsinger
U.S. Military Chaplain to the U.S. Army
Fort Bragg, Georgia

“I have the opportunity to share the principles of Christian Science in a way that is comforting to my soldiers and their families. They recognize that they have a deeper relationship with God and that this relationship is a practical principle they can rely on when they need healing.”

“Having funding from The Albert Baker Fund during my seminary education meant I had more time to focus on metaphysical work and prayer. Seminary was challenging, but rewarding when I had the time to dig into Christian Science.”

Lauren’s Story: Growing up as the daughter of a U.S. Coast Guard Chaplain, Lauren saw first-hand the impact that Christian Science military Chaplains have on service members, their families and their communities. While attending mount Holyoke College, she realized her desire to serve her country while bringing the truth and comfort of Christian Science to the front lines. When The mother Church reopened its chaplain training program in 2006, Lauren was one of the first to apply and be accepted. Her training included three years of seminary education, training from The mother Church, and a 12-week course at the United States Army Chaplain Center and School. She received her master of Divinity from Boston University in 2009, accessioned on active duty in January 2010 and in March 2011 will deploy with her battalion to Kuwait.


John Biggs

John Biggs
Christian Science Practitioner
Bend, Oregon

“I knew right away in college that I wanted to work full-time in the public practice of Christian Science. After that, everything I did — dancing, art, sports, traveling, camp counseling — even getting through college at all — was an internship for the practice and learning how to heal!”

“I had a college roommate who was pretty wild. One day, out of the blue, he told me what a positive impact I had on him and how grateful he was for the presence I brought. It was amazing for me to see how your mental atmosphere and clarity of thought can have such a tangible effect on someone.”

John’s Story: When John was 12 years old he had a wonderful healing by turning completely and whole-heartedly to God’s love. The healing changed his life so dramatically that he was able to participate freely in a variety of sports — football, wrestling, and Ultimate Frisbee — and discover new talents such as art and dance. The richness and diversity of his college experience played a huge role in his continued spiritual growth. When John became listed in The Christian Science Journal in January of 2010, ABF was delighted to forgive his school loan, a policy that applies to every graduate who becomes a Journal-listed practitioner or nurse.

*”Earth’s preparatory school must be improved to the utmost.” (Science and Health, 486: 9-10)

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