A Thanksgiving Message to our Friends

Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, acknowledged Thanksgiving as a special international occasion for our church.  I have always thought of this season as a particularly valuable time, weeks before Christmas and the New Year, to be grateful for the goodness I’ve seen expressed.

As CEO of The Albert Baker Fund (ABF), I am particularly grateful for the generosity and selflessness bestowed on our organization this past year.  Specifically I have been reflecting on the following:

  • All the students we are helping who have made their intentions clear to pass the blessings of their education forward to others
  • The ABF scholars who are out of school and generously giving their time, financial resources, and prayerful support to their churches, fellow Christian Scientists, and other organizations serving the Cause of Christian Science
  • Our many friends around the world who encourage us throughout the year in their roles as donors, volunteers and program partners
  • The other organizations we work directly with that are doing so much in their unique ways to nurture the growth of Christian Science
  • The evidence that our students acknowledge Christian Science as the foundation of their lives and rely on it daily

As this year comes to an end, each of us at The Albert Baker Fund is so grateful for your interest in our students and our efforts to support them.  If you responded to our recent 2011 Message to our Friends from The Albert Baker Fund, mailed a few weeks ago, I thank you for your continued support.

For all of us, this is a time of great gratitude for the blessing derived from each and every contribution to our organization. If you have comments or suggestions you would like to share, I invite you to contact me directly at Alan@albertbakerfund.org

With warm wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving and holiday season,

Alan Bashor, CEO
The Albert Baker Fund

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