Welcome to our New Board Members

We are delighted to announce that we will welcome three new board members at our July 9, 2012, Board of Trustees meeting in San Francisco.

Sharon Perlis is an attorney and the head of Perlis & Associates. a law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Sharon brings her legal skills and extensive experience serving on boards in her local community, as well as boards that serve Christian Science non-profit organizations throughout the country.

Dale R. Schmidt is an attorney who also serves as a financial aid advisor to an East Coast scholarship fund.  He is very knowledgeable about school loans and financial aid programs. Dale is currently a Regional Vice President (RVP) for The Albert Baker Fund in the Alexandria, Virginia area.  In this “hands-on” volunteer role Dale has helped interview prospective ABF students and become  familiar with ABF operations.

Marianela Toledo is  a TV news journalist, editor, and photographer from Miami, Florida.  She has worked for various Spanish-speaking news media and been a press agent for Christian Science lectures in Argentina, her native country.  Marianela brings a wealth of experience in a variety of communications media to ABF.

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