Who Do We Help?

Ongoing support for college and graduate students

Trisha McGinnisU.S. and Canada
College and Vocational Education

Trisha McGinnis
B.A. in Education/Mass Communication
Principia College, Elsah, IL, 2013

“The support I’ve received from The Albert Baker Fund throughout my college experience has been an immense blessing. Through seeing my own and others’ needs met through the generosity of selfless contributors, I’ve developed an even stronger sense of gratitude for God’s divine work.”

Educating Christian Scientists in 17 countries

Helen FalkinghamInternational
College and Vocational Education

Helen Falkingham
B.A. in Language and Linguistic Science
University of York, U.K., 2013

“I believe Christian Science has given me a strong foundation for my career as a teacher. I think that if I have a firm foundation in my spiritual understanding of life, then that can be a real benefit to the children I teach.”

Gaining a new appreciation for The Mother Church

Nick SelbySummer Internships
at The Mother Church

Nick Selby
Illustration Major
Massachusetts College of Art and Design Boston, MA

“Working at The Mother Church as a summer intern has put into perspective how much love and support there is behind our Movement. I’ve seen firsthand how much work goes into keeping it moving and prospering, and I like being a part of that.”

Support that ripples outward

Bonnie CastromanChristian Science
Nursing Education

Bonnie Castroman
Director of Christian Science Nursing/Training
Clearview Home, Delafield, WI

“The Albert Baker Fund provides invaluable support for the continuing education of Christian Science nurses. That support is like pebbles dropped in a pond. The ripples just keep going out, not only to the one who receives the grant, but forward to bless others and serve the Cause of Christian Science.”

Preparing our “practitioners in uniform”

LT Michael BrownChristian Science
U.S. Military Chaplains

LT Michael Brown
Christian Science U.S. Navy Chaplain
Norfolk, VA

“As ‘practitioners in uniform,’ Christian Science military chaplains are called to witness God’s laws of health and harmony in situations where they seem to be so absent. The practice of Christian Science makes the difference between helping and healing. The Albert Baker Fund provides invaluable support to U.S. Military Chaplains like me who are required to complete our Master of Divinity to be accepted for this important work.”

Connecting Christian Scientists on campus

Jen FergusonCSO Representatives

Jen Ferguson
CSO Rep for the U.S.— Southeast Florida State University,
Tallahassee, FL

“I loved working for The Mother Church last summer and wanted to continue supporting church and the Movement. I was so grateful to learn that I could be a CSO rep for Christian Science college organizations. It gives me a way to serve church while connecting with other CSOs and Christian Scientists around the country.”

Reaching listeners in their own language

Tom McElroy, C.S.Language Education for Christian Science
lecturers and teachers

Tom McElroy, C.S.
Jamaica Plain, MA

“I love communicating with people from all walks of life, and that diversity helps show me more and more of the richness of God’s presence. Being able to work and lecture in French has multiplied my firsthand exposure to that richness and given me new opportunities to partner with and serve in more communities across the globe.”

Helping teens grow in Christian Science

Claudia LaryeaAU/DiscoveryBound
National Leadership Council (NLC)

Claudia Laryea
High School Student, NLC Class of 2017

“NLC has made Christian Science a whole new world for me. I’m proud to call myself a Christian Scientist, and I can’t wait to experience new adventures and grow spiritually in everything I do.”

Helping to make The Monitor journalism self-sustaining

Marshall IngwersonSulzberger Fellowships for editors
of The Christian Science Monitor

Marshall Ingwerson
Sulzberger Fellow and Managing Editor
The Christian Science Monitor

“The Sulzberger Fellowship program at Columbia University has made a definite impact on The Christian Science Monitor. Seven of us have been through this year-long program for senior-level media executives. It’s given us a more unified leadership team and a sharper business focus. It’s one reason we had our best financial results last year since 1965. We couldn’t have done it without the support of The Albert Baker Fund for our Sulzberger Fellowships.”

How you can help today

  • Update your alumni contact info in just a few keystrokes at www.albertbakerfund.org/contact-update-form. Even if you think we know who you are, we might not have your current contact info or a complete record of how we helped you.
  • Help interview applicants. Join our volunteer network of regional ambassadors who assist us in evaluating applications. Contact programs@albertbakerfund.org.
  • Join our ABF Career Network as a career contact. Your experience can make a difference for recent grads and alums. Go to www.albertbakerfund.org/network to express your interest and get updates about our spring 2014 launch.
  • Consider making a gift to support ABF’s outreach to Christian Scientists around the world. You can be confident that 100% of every dollar you give will go directly to a recipient. Donate at www.albertbakerfund.org/donate.

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