ABF Career Alliance is Now Launched from Coast-to-Coast

(Today was)…a life-changing and inspiring vision of what is possible.”

~NYC launch attendee)

With the completion of our New York City launch event on May 2, the ABF Career Alliance is now officially launched from coast-to-coast! Close to 250 people attended full-day career workshops in LA (April 18) and NYC (May 2) bringing together Job Seekers and Career Allies who share the common bond of Christian Science to make career connections and learn new job search skills.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Wonderful launch of a timely idea and concept. Keep going!”

“This is one of the many ways we can help Christian Scientists…this effort of ABF’s is love and intelligence in action.”

“I will be sharing with others what I learned today.” 

How can you take advantage of the ABF Career Alliance if you weren’t able to attend a launch event?

1) Whether you are a recent college grad just starting on your career path, or are already employed and considering a career-change, you can participate today by registering online as a Job Seeker.

2) We’re also actively recruiting Career Allies who are eager to share their career knowledge with others. Retired? That’s okay, your experience is needed and valuable. Learn more here.

3) Watch for future news from the ABF Career Alliance. We’ll be sharing video content from our workshop speakers on our website, and planning smaller scale regional career workshops around the country.

4) Help us spread the word that the ABF Career Alliance is open to the entire Christian Science family–not just ABF recipients, recent college graduates, or current church members.

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