Adventures in Kinshasa, Brazzavile, and Pointe Noire

Interior-First Church, CS, Pt. Noire

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pointe Noire, Congo

Since my last post, we’ve had many adventures in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Brazzaville, Congo, and Pointe Noire, Congo. We left Pt. Noire yesterday morning, and after many hours of flying, we arrived in Entebbe, Uganda, last night at midnight. We’re now in Lamech’s home country, where we have interviews lined up over the next few days with our recipients, and a big meeting with church members after Sunday services with our recipients.

In Kinshasa, we spent time with our ICRs from several regional areas, as well as met with the Board of Le Bom Berger, our invaluable partner in helping students receive funding for their schools. We learned so much about the challenges, successes, and progress of Christian Science–and especially ABF’s program–in West Africa.

Crossing the Congo River took us to Brazzaville, Congo, where we again met with students and our ICRs. Our church meeting at First Church was interrupted by a tremendous rainstorm, and we actually had to ford the flooded streets in the dark, with Jean Leonard carrying me piggy back to the main road. He and Lamech had to make their way in water up to their knees! Leaving the church on Jean Leonard’s back, I was the very picture of elegance!

Nothing but LOVE

Gathering with friends at FIrst Church of Christ, Scientist, Pointe Noire, Congo. Joined by Jean Leonard Ngabo, our Africa application processing agent, and Lamech Katamba, our Africa programs manager.

Pointe Noire, perched on the Atlantic Ocean, reminded me of my hometown—Newport Beach, California! The palm trees and resort atmosphere in Pt. Noire didn’t fit with my preconceived idea of what I thought “The Congo” would be like. That’s the one constant: Nothing in Africa ever turns out as I thought it would! Across the board, we left our meetings and interviews wishing we could have stayed many more days. We were so lovingly hosted and ferried about and cared for at every step. We definitely agree that we have to return to East Africa for the fascinating and diverse cities and to revisit our dear ABF partners and fellow Christian Scientists. I wish I could really convey just how meaningful and inspiring our visit to each place has been to us.

So—stay tuned for our adventures here in East Africa. We arrived in the rain last night, and today, after hours of blue skies this morning, the sky broke open again—but not for long. On this lovely evening, Kampala feels fresh and sparkling!

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