Register for Free ABF Career Workshops in California and Washington — Make Connections, Get Inspired, Bless Others!

What is the hardest thing to find when you’re looking for career inspiration? You might think it’s a new job. But you would be wrong.

The hardest thing to find is one-on-one time with exactly the right person who can coach you, mentor you, inspire you, and connect you to your next career opportunity.

And that is our free gift to you!

The ABF Career Alliance is coming to California and Washington and the mission of our events is to bring people together to make one-to-one connections that launch or advance their careers!


Join us in:

Whether you’re ready to take a step forward in your career or to help someone else, these events offer opportunities for exciting new career connections, inspiration, and the rewards that come from helping others.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in advancing their career: college students, recent grads, job seekers, career changers, and those willing to be career allies to others. (ABF Career Alliance events are open to the entire Christian Science family, including those friendly to Christian Science.)


Programs and speakers will vary from city to city, but here’s what you can expect.

  • A keynote on how to develop essential job search tools: resume, interview preparation, Q&A coaching; or your LInkedIn marketing plan, strategy, and style.
  • How to build valuable connections in informational interviews, hands-on practice led by Robin Jones, Manager of ABF’s Career Alliance.
  • Two interactive panel discussions: one with successful local professionals who will offer specific examples of how Christian Science has impacted their career, and one with recent graduates sharing how they navigated their career search and what they learned
  • Multiple networking opportunities throughout the event.
  • Job and career information hosted by ABF Career Alliance sponsors.


These ABF Career Alliance events are sponsored by individual Christian Scientists who value our work to build an active, dynamic career community whose members share the common bond of Christian Science. Learn more about the benefits of being an ABF Career Alliance sponsor.


Finding the right job or career path can be challenging in today’s world of impersonal online applications. Yet the top career search experts agree: the best opportunities come from one-to-one connections. That’s why the ABF Career Alliance was created. The ABF Career Alliance connects Christian Science job seekers (and those “friendly” to Christian Science) with seasoned professionals in their fields of interest, who are also Christian Scientists. These professionals, or career “allies” are eager to share their knowledge, and at times their contacts, with their extended family-faith community.

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