Outreach Opportunity at The Albert Baker Fund

The Albert Baker Fund is currently seeking a Director of Outreach to support our education and career development programs for Christian Scientists worldwide. The projected start date for the position is July. Our current director, Harve Kaufmann, is retiring at the end of July and will be sorely missed by our ABF family and community. His love of our mission; never-failing thoughtfulness, patience and grace; and his subtle but quirky sense of humor profoundly steadied and blessed us during his 7-1/2 years at The Albert Baker Fund.

About his time at ABF, Harve says:

“Our work is deeply rewarding and It has truly been an honor to work with our great team.
Together, and with the
help of our friends, volunteers, and donors, we are making a
difference for so many in our community!
For the next several months, as I continue
in my outreach role, I will also be supporting
our search for a new Outreach Director
and eventually helping that person fully transition to ABF.
Thank you to all those who have helped me
on my journey while at ABF!”

Do you know of someone who has the experience, skills and inspired sense of philanthropy that this position requires?

Here are some of the primary duties and responsibilities:

  1. Directs all fundraising activities of the Fund,  and maintains compliance with established plans, procedures, policies,  and the approved operating budget
  2. Develops and implements the Fund’s Annual Development Plan and Objectives (Plan)
  3. Executes outreach and fundraising projects and tasks in accord with the Plan
  4. Cultivates a portfolio of individual, church, foundation, and other donors and prospects, and provides primary stewardship and follow-up
  5. Engages face-to-face with donors, in meetings locally and nationally, to connect and share ABF’s mission and goals
  6. Develops for publication, in collaboration with the staff, fundraising donor appeals, donor-focused news releases, foundation grant applications,
    event plans, donor awards, collateral materials, audio or video recognition, and online donor communications including Facebook posts and other outreach publications as required according to the Plan
  7. Directs the management of the donor database in coordination with the Manager of Administration
  8. Assesses and reports progress to Plan objectives, budget, and schedule as required
  9. Develops and maintains the Fund’s Outreach and Fundraising Strategic Plan in collaboration with the Board Outreach and Fundraising Committee and the staff
  10. Advises and assists staff with the development of the Fund’s Annual Operating Plan

And here are some of the ideal skills, knowledge, education, and experience of our future Director of Outreach:

  1. Practicing Christian Scientist
  2. Inspired vision of philanthropy
  3. Proven fundraising  experience with strong networking skills and  community connections
  4. Superior time management, travel management skills, and project management experience
  5. Proven public speaking and excellent written communications skills
  6. Proven contact management system skills and experience
  7. Management experience in a non-profit organization with significant Board relations
  8. Department planning, and budget management experience
  9. Hands-on experience with a CRM and online Donor Management system
  10. BA degree required
  11. Work experience in a faith-based organization preferred

Learn more and apply
If you would like to learn more about the position you will find a complete job description in the ABF Career Alliance portal.

The Albert Baker Fund has retained a search consultant for this position. If you have any questions regarding the position or would like to refer a candidate, please contact Robin Tweedy at robintweedy@gmail.com.


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