Support for Students and Alums–Responding to the Need!

We are here to support our students and our entire ABF community! In recent weeks, many of our students have been in touch with us to share stories of financial challenges due to  job loss or adverse circumstances in our economy. In response to this need, we’re offering the following special assistance, along with helpful career and spiritual resources.

Special Assistance and Resources for our Students

  • Help with 2020 Spring Tuition. If you are concerned about being able to pay your spring tuition, please contact Jill Stucker, our Chief Programs Officer, at, for a confidential conversation about how we can provide immediate assistance.
  • Loan Deferment. If you are currently  repaying an ABF student loan, we are offering you a 3-month deferment. Additional forbearance may be available depending on individual circumstances. We encourage you to contact Robin Naik, our Loan Administrator, at for more info.
  • Anticipating Fall 2020 Needs. We recently surveyed students to learn if they expect to have enough funds to attend school in the fall. If there is an additional need for 2020, we hope to increase our financial awards  to meet as much of the need as possible. We want to ensure that there is no interruption in a student’s educational plan.

Career Community and Resources

  • ABF Career Alliance. We have a whole community of Career Allies who are ready to connect with our students and grads as they begin to navigate their careers. The Career Alliance website offers tips and tools for everything from resumes and cover letters to salary negotiations.
  • College-to-Career Roadmap. Wondering how to get started? You can use ABF’s College-to-Career Roadmap to create a four-year plan—or customize a flexible checklist for every semester—that will enable you to be career-ready when you graduate.

Spiritual Resources from

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