Passing Your Blessings Forward

The Albert Baker Fund has chosen as one of its core values the Christly attitude and practice of “passing your blessings forward” to others.

We believe that each grant or loan serves as a tangible expression of our gratitude for the love and generosity of our founders, who began ABF in answer to the simple question, “What can we do to support the youth of our Movement?”  

In this same spirit of gratitude, we encourage each ABF recipient to find tangible ways to share what they’ve gained from their education and to use their talents to serve others.

When we see the impact of our students’ lives on four continents and in 19 countries, we consider the ripple effects of each one who is taking the blessings of their education and passing them on in selfless and concrete ways to others.

We believe this continuous circle of good demonstrates the true substance and value of The Albert Baker Fund to the Christian Science community.

Share how you’ve passed your blessings forward