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Janee Shaw

The Albert Baker Fund Welcomes New Director of Outreach, Janee Shaw

From the Desk of Alan Bashor, CEO I am pleased to announce our new Director of Outreach, Janee Shaw, who will join us on July 16th, 2019, following the retirement of Harve Kaufmann in June. Janee is currently Senior Director of Development for the College of Arts and Letters, at San Diego State University, where […]

Postcard #4: Inspired by our one universal family in Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana

Posted Wednesday, April 11 Jill Stucker writes from Dubai Airport  From Brazzaville, Alan departed Africa for meetings in the U.S. Lamech, our Africa Program Manager, and I traveled to our final countries in West Africa: Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana. Everywhere we visited, our fellow Christian Scientists greeted us with love, warmth, and so much gratitude […]

Postcard #3: Reflections from Kenya and Republic of Congo

Posted Tuesday, April 2 Alan Bashor writes from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. As I get settled in Brazzaville, I’m still reflecting on our time in Kenya. Since we began our program in Africa in 2003, The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) has supported more students in Kenya than any other country. This week in meetings with […]

Postcard #2: Meeting up with our Africa staff in Uganda

Monday, March 26 Alan Bashor writes: Jill and I are almost to the end of our second week on this wonderful trip. We cannot say enough about the work and wisdom of our African staff, Lamech Katamba in Uganda, and Jean Leonard Ngabo in Rwanda. ABF is blessed beyond measure to have them guiding and maintaining our […]

Jill Stucker

Introducing Jill Stucker, Our New Manager of Grant and Loan Programs

As many of you may know, our current Director of Programs, Marilyn Jones, will be leaving us at the end of February 2018. While we’re sad to say good-bye to “MJ,” we are truly pleased to announce that Jill Stucker of Dallas, Texas, has recently joined The Albert Baker Fund (ABF). Jill will be taking […]

Remembering Al Walker, Beloved Trustee

Al Walker, a devoted and beloved member of The Albert Baker Fund Board of Trustees, passed on in January. Al dearly loved our organization and mission. Since joining the Board in 2009, Al was a courageous advocate of our international programs, and a voice for keeping our programs accessible to all Christian Scientists who need our help. […]

My Weekend with 135 Christian Science Teens — and a Very Special Award!

Can you imagine spending an entire weekend in the mountains with about 135 amazing Christian Science teens?  I can tell you first-hand–there’s nothing like it!

I recently returned from Colorado where I attended the graduation and annual gathering of teens enrolled in DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council (NLC), a rigorous 4-year leadership program for Christian Science teens in high school.

Welcome to our New Board Members

We are delighted to announce that we will welcome three new board members at our July 9, 2012, Board of Trustees meeting in San Francisco. Sharon Perlis is an attorney and the head of Perlis & Associates. a law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Sharon brings her legal skills and extensive experience serving on boards in […]

A Thanksgiving Message to our Friends

Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, acknowledged Thanksgiving as a special international occasion for our church.  I have always thought of this season as a particularly valuable time, weeks before Christmas and the New Year, to be grateful for the goodness I’ve seen expressed. As CEO of The Albert Baker Fund (ABF), I am particularly grateful […]

Infinite Good for Infinite Growth

Invitation to Join our Discussion

Many in the Christian Science Field know The Albert Baker Fund as the organization that has, since 1964, loaned money to Christian Scientists pursuing higher education. This continues to be our core mission.  However, today there is more we are doing to support the growth of Christian Scientists as you see from the poster we […]