Internships at The Mother Church

Summer 2012 Interns



What We Fund

Each summer TMCYouth offers internships in a variety of departments, such as publishing, finance, legislation, marketing, media, international planning, archival research.

Christian Science Church

Interns spend about 80% of their time working for a single church department, and 20% of their time with TMC Youth. This dynamic structure allows interns to work with a variety of people at The Mother Church and receive professional mentoring from their supervisors.

Summer interns¬†Interns receive a living stipend of $250/week, plus free housing at Northeastern University. Interns who are continuing their studies after the internship program ends are also eligible to receive an education grant from The Albert Baker Fund. This grant for the internship does not affect a student’s funding for a regular ABF education grant for college or vocational training.

Who Should Apply for a TMC Internship?

Students and recent graduates who actively support their churches and communities, those spiritual thinkers who bring their uplifted perspectives to their college or university campuses. Above all, interns must be committed to the healing mission of The Mother Church.

2018 TMC Internship Application for ABF Grant

  1. This application is for 2018 summer interns who have completed their internship.
  2. Click the ‘Start Your Online Application’ link below.
  3. Select ‘Internships’ as the Funding Program.
  4. Submit your application when complete.

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