Step 3: Required Documentation

If you are a returning ABF applicant, please use the same login information that you used for your previous application.  If you’ve forgotten your login information, please submit a Help Request to Administrative Staff asking for a reminder.

All required documentation must be submitted electronically as attachments to your online application. ‘Required Documents’ is the last section of your online application.

NOTICE: How to properly name and prepare your documents for submission

Please name each file with your full name followed by the “Document Name.”
For example, if John Smith has uploaded a transcript, file should be named: John Smith Transcript.
Acceptable file formats are: pdf, doc, docx, img, png, jpeg, and gif.

Documents not submitted in this format will not be reviewed!

1. Self-Certification Form [SCF] (All Applicants)

We understand that federal paperwork can be confusing, but this document merely forces you to calculate your financial gap. In filling out the document, Section 2 often raises questions so the following is a breakdown of how to complete it:

  • 2a: The total of your tuition, books, and accommodation.
  • 2b: The estimated total of any financial assistance you will be receiving.
  • 2c: The remainder is your total financial gap.


  1. Download and save the Self-Certification Form (SCF): Self-Certification Form (PDF format)Self-Certification Form (Word format), or Self-Certification Form Fill-In.
  2. Complete, and sign form.  E-signatures accepted.
  3. Upload form to the online application “Required Documents” section.
  4. Document Name: SCF

2. Financials: Financially Independent Adults

Financially Independent means that you have an annual income no lower than $30,000.  If you do not meet this requirement, then you must find a Co-Borrower.  See section 3.

Tax Return

Americans: First page only of the most recent 1040 Tax Return.
Canadians: the page showing total annual income of the most recent T1 Tax Return.


  1. Scan the first page only of the tax return for the most recent year.
  2. Upload the document to the online application “Required Documents” section.
  3. Document Name: Year Tax Return (Example: “2015 Tax Return”)

3. Financials: Non-Financially Independent Applicants

Co-Borrower Form

A Co-Borrower is a trusted family member or friend who can co-sign on any loan you may be offered by The Albert Baker Fund. Co-Borrowers are required for all applicants who are not financially independent and they are only called to pay off a loan in the event that the Borrower refuses to communicate and/or pay ABF.

Co-Borrowers qualifications:

  1. They must be a fiscally responsible adult citizen of The United States or Canada.
  2. They must have an annual income of at least $45,000.
  3. They must not be your spouse.


  1. Create and save your online application before you contact your Co-Borrower.
  2. It is your responsibility to send this link and the email address you are using for your online application to the Co-Borrower:
  3. NOTE: the Co-borrower must submit their most recent completed 1040 as an attachment on the Co-borrower form.  Click the “Choose File” button at the bottom of the page near the “Submit” button in order to attach a copy of the 1040.  Otherwise the form is incomplete, and the application cannot be processed.
  4. You and your Co-Borrower will automatically receive a notification email when a completed form has been submitted to ABF Staff.

4. Most-Recent Transcript (All Applicants)

You must provide us with a copy of your most recent transcript, confirming that your GPA is 2.5 or above.
We do not require official copies of your transcript. We will not accept any transcript via post/mail, fax, or email.
Principia College Students – do not request a transcript from the office, please use your online transcript access to retrieve your most recent transcript.

Exception: If it has been more than five years since you last attended school, you are not required to submit a transcript.


  1. Acquire a copy of your latest transcripts and save in a PDF, Word, or image format.
  2. Upload document to the online application “Required Documents” section.
  3. Document Name: Transcript

5. Tuition Confirmation (All Applicants)

Provide some form of documentation or published information from the university or vocational school confirming the tuition fees for the academic term for which you are applying.

Example Sources: Institution’s website, institution’s course catalog, or a letter from the registrar stating costs.


  1. Save document as PDF or Word format.
  2. Upload document to the online application “Required Documents” section.
  3. Document Name: Tuition Confirmation

6. Referrals (All Applicants)

Referral Form

Your Christian Science reference is an adult (not a relative) who can verify that you are an active student of Christian Science.  Note that in order to satisfy this requirement, you must:

  1. Provide the name and contact information of the reference (you will be prompted to do so when filling out the application).
  2. Ensure that your reference submits a Referral Form on your behalf.  See instructions below.


  1. You must create and save your online application before you contact your reference.
  2. If you are a returning applicant, you cannot use the same reference twice.
  3. NOTE: It is your responsibility to send this link and the email address you are using for your online application to the reference so that they can fill out the online form on your behalf:
  4. You will automatically receive a notification email when a Referral Form has been submitted.

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