What We Fund

Scholarships & Loans for Christian Scientists

The Albert Baker Fund is dedicated to supporting students who are active in the Christian Science movement and eager to help the world around them. Since 1964, we have provided over $10 million in low-cost loans to more than 3000 students. We expect these recipients to “pass the blessing forward” by serving the Cause of Christian Science and humanity.

ABF Scholar Profile

Caitlin Norton

Caitlin Norton, Law Student
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“As a law student, I love working with Mrs. Eddy’s concept of God as divine Principle. Recently the second half of her definition of church really stood out to me: ‘…whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.’ * It made me realize that I can experience the activity of church right in the middle of my classes if I’m looking to go deeper.”

Caitlin’s Story: After living in the United Arab Emirates as a girl, and then studying abroad in France, Vietnam and Cambodia while in college, Caitlin developed a lifelong love of everything international. Right now, she has her sights set on practicing international law, and the program at the University of Pittsburgh Law School is tailor-made for her — it offers internships abroad and a “Languages for Lawyers” program that enables students to learn legal vocabulary in several languages.

*CHURCH. The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 583:12–13)

College, Graduate School & Vocational Education

We provide loans and grants for Christian Scientists attending college and university, graduate school, and vocational school. Most students receive a combination of loan and grant based on their need. Learn more about financial aid for College, Graduate School & Vocational Education.

Christian Science Nurses Training

We provide grants for students taking classes at 16 Christian Science nursing facilities located in the United States and Europe. Once you are admitted for training at one of our partners, you can apply to us for financial assistance. Learn more about financial aid for Christian Science Nurses Training.

DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC)

We provide funding for the National Leadership Council (NLC), a four-year servant leadership program for high school students which is run by DiscoveryBound. Learn more about the National Leadership Council.

Internships at The Mother Church

We provide grants to college students who work as interns at the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA. We fund the TMCYouth interns during the summer, as well as the CSO (Christian Science Organizations on college campuses) interns who work during the school year. Learn more about interning at The Mother Church.

Christian Science Military Chaplain Program

We provide grants to students who are selected for the U.S. Military Chaplain program by The Mother Church and earn a master’s degree from Boston University School of Theology. Learn more about the Christian Science Military Chaplain program.

International Students

We provide grants for students attending college, graduate school, and vocational school in several African and European countries. Learn more about our international programs.