Seven Job Search Tips from Experts (Video)

We scanned video to bring you seven–sometimes surprising–job search tips from our career experts.

Topics cover (1) resumes, (2) job interviews, (3) the hidden job market, (4) today’s job market, (5) informational interviews, (6) networking, and (7) how to get started.

Hear seven quick tips from jobs search experts: (In order of appearance)

  • Kim Knight, talent acquisition and retention consultant, corporate recruiting, career coach
  • Geri Karp, recruiter and career coach
  • Leslie Evans Thorne, founder of (to create meaningful work)
  • Amanda Weitman, Sr. Vice President and Wealth Advisor, Wells Fargo Bank; ABF former trustee
  • Nat Pellegrini, senior product manager, telecommunications consultant; ABF former trustee
  • Shari Novick, executive search, organization development, management consultant