About The Albert Baker Fund

Our Vision

To realize unlimited possibilities that emerge when Christian Scientists journey together through inspired education and career development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the Cause of Christian Science and humanity by providing resources for the education and development of Christian Scientists.

We fulfill our mission by providing tuition scholarships/grants for students of Christian Science to pursue degrees or certificates at accredited post-secondary institutions (colleges, universities, and vocational schools), including tuition support for Christian Science nurses training.

Who Was Albert Baker?

Albert Baker was Mary Baker Eddy’s beloved older brother who took a tender interest in her education and tutored her many subjects, including Latin and Greek. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1834, and he immediately joined the law office of Franklin Pierce, who would later become the 14th president of the United States. In 1839, Albert was elected to the New Hampshire State Legislature where he served until his passing in 1841.

We are honored to have our Fund associated with Albert’s fine values of scholarship and the important role that education plays in the growth of every¬†individual. The Albert Baker Fund hopes to nurture the educational aspirations of today’s Christian Science students in much the same way that Albert encouraged and supported his sister Mary.