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Vanessa Ramirez Jasso

Dear Friends, we have a special story to share with you about one of our scholarship recipients…

…and her amazing journey of personal and professional growth–with Christian Science and a clear sense of purpose pointing the way forward. MAKE AN ONLINE GIFT TODAY! Triumphing over challenges Vanessa’s journey began when she moved to California from Mexico and her world seemed completely disrupted. Unfamiliar with a new culture, a new school, and a […]

2019 Summer Interns at the Mother Church

In Their Own Words: Reports from the Summer 2019 Interns at The Mother Church

Follow along with us as we share the story of this summer’s interns working at The Mother Church! By the numbers — 25 interns from 13 different states, 9 different countries, and 10 different colleges, worked for 11 weeks in 18 departments at The Mother Church! By the impact — “This summer was phenomenal across […]

One student’s journey: “God really does have a beautiful plan for me”

We recently heard from Emmeline Quist, who graduated from Ashesi University College in Accra, Ghana, in 2013, with a degree in Business Administration.  Here, she shares the  journey that led to her “dream school” and employment in a highly respected Ghanian company.  Now she pledges to help other students achieve their goals. “My gratitude to […]

Who Do We Help?

Ongoing support for college and graduate students U.S. and Canada College and Vocational Education Trisha McGinnis B.A. in Education/Mass Communication Principia College, Elsah, IL, 2013 “The support I’ve received from The Albert Baker Fund throughout my college experience has been an immense blessing. Through seeing my own and others’ needs met through the generosity of […]

Emily Snead, Albert Baker Fund Alum

“I’m so grateful to share what it means to be a student of Christian Science and to tell others about the support I received from The Albert Baker Fund when I was in college.” We’d like to tell you about Emily, a recent Albert Baker Fund alum from New York who is living the truths […]

Stories from Summer Interns at The Mother Church

This summer The Albert Baker Fund provided college grants to 20 students interning in 14 departments at The Mother Church. Each student has a special story of what the experience meant to them, whether deepening their appreciation for their church, or giving a new perspective on what they have to give to the world.   Here’s […]

Five Stories from Albert Baker Fund Students: Passing the Blessings Forward.

Passing the blessings forward: “I realize that when you’re working through your own challenges, you’re also poised to help others” — Albert Baker Fund student

Manny Pena

A desire to learn about true healing

“I had been sitting on the sidelines with Christian Science for many years. Then one day I found myself embroiled in a conflict with the hospital where I worked as an emergency room nurse. I thought, maybe it’s time to look into this Science…”

Trusting Each Step of the Way

“If you had told me that I could lose my business, sell my home, pay off my debts, and yet be able to go back to school for three years, with my wife and five kids, to start and finish a chemistry degree, I would never have thought it possible. And yet it is!”

Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

“English teachers have so much potential to impact the way people think and the way people make sense of the world. I love working with college students because they’re going through an exciting transition. It’s exhilarating to help someone learn how to be a successful college student, how to be a good reader, how to think critically…”