What We Fund-ABF Programs

The Albert Baker Fund supports active Christian Scientists as they seek higher education and training for purposeful careers and service. In this way, we hope to help our recipients realize the unlimited possibilities that emerge when Christian Scientists journey together through inspired education and career development.

North America College and Vocational Education

We provide scholarships for Christian Scientists attending college and university, graduate school, and vocational school. Students receive a scholarship based on the student’s and their family’s financial need. Learn more about financial aid for College, Graduate School & Vocational Education.

Christian Science Nurses Education

We provide scholarships to assist with tuition costs for students enrolled in Christian Science nurses training (Levels 1 – 5) within an accredited Christian Science nurses training program. Click here for a list of accredited Christian Science Nurses Training Programs. Once you are admitted for training at one of our partners’ facilities, you can apply to us for financial assistance. Learn more about financial aid for Christian Science Nurses Training.

Christian Science U.S. Military Chaplain Program

We provide scholarships to students who are selected for the U.S. Military Chaplain program by The Mother Church and earn a master’s degree from Boston University School of Theology. Learn more about the Christian Science Military Chaplain program.

DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) Graduate Award Program

Limited funding for spring term 2024 is available from the generous, anonymous donor for the Adventure Unlimited DiscoveryBound NLC Graduate Award Program.

The decision on whether there will funding available for Academic Year 2024-2025 is under review.  We will share more information when it becomes available.

Learn more about DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council program.

International Students

We provide scholarships for students attending college, graduate school, and vocational school in several African and European countries. Learn more about our international programs.