International Students

The Albert Baker Fund application portal is currently closed due to an office relocation, and is scheduled to re-open for your applications on Wednesday, June 2.

During the past decade, The Albert Baker Fund has expanded its financial assistance to Christian Scientists worldwide, and we hope to continue to expand our programs. In 2004, we began offering scholarships for college, graduate school, and vocational education in the UK, and several African and European countries. We also have expanded beyond North America to provide assistance in The Philippines and for Christian Science nursing training in the UK, Europe, Africa, and South America.

ABF in Africa

Please visit our Africa website for more information on programs funded in Africa.

ABF in Europe

Please visit our European website for more information on programs funded in Europe.

ABF in The Philippines

Please visit our Asia website for more information on programs funded in The Philippines.

ABF Students in Africa Share Their Gratitude

The Albert Baker Fund in Africa: Meet our Students

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