North America College and Vocational Program Overview

The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) supports Christian Scientists enrolled in college, graduate school, or vocational training leading to a degree or certificate from an accredited institution or program.

Financial aid awards consist of a grant-and-loan package to bridge a gap in a student’s overall education financial plan.  The average grant-and-loan award is approximately $4,500, based primarily on the applicant’s need, with merit being a key factor.

Applications for funding can be submitted at any time during the year, however it is wise to submit at least six weeks before payment is due to your school.  Please also note that the duration of funding covered by an award extends up to one academic year.  Students may re-apply for funding each academic year.

For more details, please read Steps 1-3 below, and then begin your online application.

Application Instructions

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Special Scholarships

If you are a student studying music, engineering, or live in Alaska, you may be eligible for a special scholarship. Please contact Jill Stucker, Chief Programs Officer to learn more.