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What You Need to Know (Before You Apply)

The Albert Baker Fund supports students active in the Christian Science movement, who attend a Christian Science Sunday School or church, and are eager to help the world. Since 1964, we have provided over $10 million in low-cost loans to more than 3,000 students. We expect these recipients to “pass their blessings forward” by serving the Cause of Christian Science and humanity.


ABF’s North America Grant-and-Loan Programs

Policies 2018

  1. ABF’s current combined grant-and-loan award for post-secondary education in North America is approximately $4,500. We do not currently offer grant-only awards.
  2. All applicants must be practicing Christian Scientists. Regular attendance at church or Sunday School is a minimum requirement.
  3. All applicants applying for funding in the US or Canada must be a US or Canadian citizen or permanent resident (green card holder).
  4. All requests for funding should be needs-based, regardless of outstanding merits of a student in academics and CS practice.
  5. Applicants applying for funding for post-secondary education must be seeking either a degree or certificate. ABF does not fund extra-curricular courses or “enrichment courses.”
  6. ABF requires a minimum GPA of 2.5
  7. All applicants receiving a loan will require a co-borrower with an annual income of at least $45,000.
  8. Applicants who apply as financially independent must earn an annual income of at least $30,000 while in school.
  9. Grant payments are always and only made to the school on behalf of the student.
  10. ABF never pays for travel.
  11. All applicants will be interviewed by telephone by an ABF volunteer before final approval of a funding request.
  12. In the US and Canada (and in all countries where ABF operates), we do not provide funding for students wishing to study outside their home country. The exception to this policy is when a course of study desired cannot be obtained either by course content or sufficiently professional standards in the home country.


  1. Application Creation and Submission
    Once you have read the Three Step Instructions (see below), you can then start the application process. An application is not considered complete until all Required Documentation has been connected (by you) to the application.
  2. Application Review
    Once our admin team has received your submitted online application and has reviewed it and judged it complete one of our volunteer Regional Ambassadors (RAs) will contact you either by phone or email  to schedule an interview with you. This interview is required and will be conducted over the phone. Once we’ve received the RA’s comments and recommendation, our staff will give your application a final review and make a decision on funding.
  3. Decision Notification
    You should allow four weeks to receive notice by email of an award decision.

Application Instructions

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