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Joe RitterDear Friends,

If you’ve received assistance from The Albert Baker Fund, we’d love to hear how it has impacted your life and specifically how you have “passed the blessing forward” to the world.

Please use the form below to share your gratitude and story, and let us know if it is ok to use it on our website and in our other marketing materials.

Thanks in advance,
Signed, Joseph Ritter
Dr. Joseph Ritter
CEO, The Albert Baker Fund

    Share your Gratitude:

    Please share what it has meant to you to have received financial aid from The Albert Baker Fund in your own words. Include specific examples of what a difference it has made to you, and also any examples you would like to share of how you have "passed the blessing" forward to benefit the world in some way. Please double-check your spelling and grammar.

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    We love to have pictures to share with people -- it helps to give a visual idea of who our recipients are. Please attach any pictures you feel comfortable sharing. We especially like before / after pictures -- if you have photograph of you as a student and another of you doing what you're doing now, that would be great!

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    Note that if you have given your permission to publish this story, ABF reserves the right to edit it for length or to pull excerpts or quotes from what you've shared. Not all stories will be published but our staff thoroughly enjoys hearing about your progress.