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Five Stories from Albert Baker Fund Students: Passing the Blessings Forward.

Passing the blessings forward: “I realize that when you’re working through your own challenges, you’re also poised to help others” — Albert Baker Fund student

Manny Pena

A desire to learn about true healing

“I had been sitting on the sidelines with Christian Science for many years. Then one day I found myself embroiled in a conflict with the hospital where I worked as an emergency room nurse. I thought, maybe it’s time to look into this Science…”

Trusting Each Step of the Way

“If you had told me that I could lose my business, sell my home, pay off my debts, and yet be able to go back to school for three years, with my wife and five kids, to start and finish a chemistry degree, I would never have thought it possible. And yet it is!”

Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

“English teachers have so much potential to impact the way people think and the way people make sense of the world. I love working with college students because they’re going through an exciting transition. It’s exhilarating to help someone learn how to be a successful college student, how to be a good reader, how to think critically…”

Right Where He Needs to Be

“If you look at the pace at which things unfolded for me to enroll in the #1 MBA program for entrepreneurship and innovation, and apply what I’m learning everyday while working full-time at The Christian Science Monitor, it could only have been through God’s direction…”