Embracing a new generation of healers by helping fund their college education

Dear Friends of The Albert Baker Fund,

Have you thought about today’s young Christian Scientists as the new generation of healers?

I realized this when reading their scholarship applications this summer. Each student shared how they use Christian Science in their daily life and how healings have brought them peace, guidance, and solutions to their needs. I continue to be inspired by their devotion to Christian Science and their desire to grow spiritually.

One of these students is Aly Mikesell of Missouri. Aly is a junior at Baylor University, a Christian university in Texas where she is one of two Christian Scientists on a campus of 20,000 students!

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Here’s her remarkable story of how her experience at Baylor helped her grow as a student, and as a Christian Scientist—far beyond what she might have imagined.

Aly shares with us:

“Baylor wasn’t my first choice. But it was the only school I applied to that was going to be open and have in-person classes in the fall of 2020, so that’s how I made my decision to go there!

My first year I was a bit lost, praying to find my place in this new and unfamiliar environment. But ultimately, Baylor was the right fit for me—both academically and spiritually. Now I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Two things happened that changed everything for me at Baylor. First, in my sophomore year, I found my major—Baylor’s Professional Selling program. It’s very challenging and gives me real-world experience. Interesting fact: this major wasn’t available at any of the other schools where I was accepted!

The second thing that changed was my thinking about my Baylor peers. It was too easy to focus on the religious differences between my fellow Christian students and me. I didn’t see people I could talk with about the challenges I was facing.

That’s when I began to realize I needed to learn how to talk to people from different Christian backgrounds. Instead of dwelling on our differences, I needed to find our similarities. When I did that, I found that I was genuinely sharing and having uplifting conversations.

I also find ways to share the absolute truths of Christian Science. When friends ask for support, I constantly remind them, ‘You are a perfect child of God. God doesn’t see any imperfection in you.’ That is something they haven’t heard before, but they accept it and want to hear it.

You might wonder if being surrounded by so many people of different religions has caused me to question what I’ve learned in Christian Science. Far from it! Being exposed to different religions has reaffirmed what I believe. I have had many healings while here at Baylor. I know firsthand that Christian Science works and that it is the truth.”

In closing, we asked Aly what she would want to say to ABF donors about the impact of her Albert Baker Scholarships each year at Baylor.

“I definitely wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have resources like The Albert Baker Fund to support my education. And not just with financial resources but with career resources. Thank you for providing a community of Christian Scientists who share how they live Christian Science in their careers and are reaching out to the next generation!”

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Aly is only one of more than 400 young dedicated Christian Scientists who need our scholarships to help fund their college education. Please join with us today and make a gift to support this new generation of healers!

With deep gratitude,

Signed, Joseph Ritter
Dr. Joseph M. Ritter
Chief Executive Officer

PS: With your help, we can continue to award each student a $4,500 scholarship next year.