Paige Lesko - Albert Baker Scholarship Recipient

Dear Friends of The Albert Baker Fund,

Look at what we have accomplished together this year! More than 540 young Christian Scientists received an Albert Baker scholarship to attend college or train as a Christian Science nurse.

And today educating young Christian Scientists is more important than ever. By investing in their education, you are preparing them to fulfill God’s purpose for them in the world.

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The knowledge they gain in college prepares them to serve in decision and policy-making roles in business, academia, and public service. And a number of these students go on to work at The Mother Church to support the global healing mission of our church. Serving in these roles, these young students have the opportunity to share the leaven of Truth with others.

Paige Lesko, an Albert Baker scholarship recipient, is a student who is preparing in this way for her future. Paige is in her senior year at Principia College where she is majoring in mass communications and minoring in music and political science. She is an outstanding academic student, scholar-athlete, and dedicated Christian Scientist.

Paige joined her Christian Science Society as a teenager, a time when young people might be tempted to turn away from church and religion. What made the difference for Paige? She emphatically responded:

“The healing power of God! Being able to see healing and have healing, through understanding my relationship to God. I could never give that up! The daily inspiration I get from reading the Bible Lesson and sharing Christian Science with others is very special to me.”

This summer Paige interned at The Mother Church in the Office of the Publisher’s Agent. She said:

“Studying the Church Manual was the foundation for my work this summer. The Publisher’s Agent works really hard to make sure that the writings of Mary Baker Eddy are accessible around the world. This opened my eyes to see that Christian Science is both universal and global.”

When Paige was asked about her long-term career goal, she shared:

“My prayer is about finding the right workplace atmosphere. For me, it’s not about what I’m doing but what I’m working toward. I want to make sure that the cause I am working for is doing good for the world and blessing others. That’s what’s important to me!”

Paige is one of the many Albert Baker Fund scholarship recipients attending college in the US and Canada who are learning to be better thinkers and fulfill their God-given purpose in the world.

Your past gifts have made an extraordinary difference to these young Christian Scientists who rely on an Albert Baker scholarship to help pay for their college education.

Please join with us today and make a gift to support deserving students like Paige in the upcoming year!

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With deep gratitude,

Signed, Joseph Ritter
Dr. Joseph M. Ritter
Chief Executive Officer
Signed, Adam Messer
Adam Messer
Chair, Board of Trustees

PS: A special thank-you from Paige:

“Words can’t do justice to the amount of gratitude I feel to The Albert Baker Fund donors for my scholarship! I hope someday I can pay it forward for others.”