“Having a spiritual foundation is everything!” (Video Talks)

One of our New York City launch attendees said it best, “Having a spiritual foundation (in your job search) is everything.”

Shining a Spiritual Light on Your Job Search
Mike Mooslin, Los Angeles

“What is your competitive edge? Your secret sauce? Is it everything on your resume? Is it that elevator pitch? What do you bring that’s totally unique to you? The Gospel of Mark said it best: ‘Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ I like to turn this around, Let your light so shine before men that they that may see that your inherent goodness works, does work, is working, always has worked. So that the interviewer is not seeing your list of accomplishments but your inherent goodness. That’s what’s touching them, that’s what’s getting you the job, and that’s what your competitive edge is. And it’s your competitive edge because there isn’t anything that can compete against it!”

More About Mike
Mike is Chief Operating Officer and President of Color Me Mine, a paint-your-own-pottery franchise that has expanded to 11 countries. Prior to developing what he calls “the art of having fun,” Mike was president of a restaurant and franchise consulting company serving over 20 different franchised chains. His compassionate advocacy work for handicapped employees led Congress to implement a law so that the developmentally disabled  could keep their medical benefits upon securing gainful employment.

Christian Science and Your Job Search
Susan Collins, CS, New York City

“The truth is, actually, that if we understand the Science of Being, the Science of God, we can never be without work, ever. Because God’s nature is productivity, unstoppable unfoldment, bounty, harvest, progress–and we’re his image and likeness. We must employ, we must utilize the gifts and talents that we’re given. God has made us able to hear him, to understand him, and obey him.

“So, if we truly have the desire to bless mankind, to be an influence for good, and our motives and aspirations are pure and honest–and we’re willing to work hard and unselfishly, purposefully–God will ALWAYS have work for us. Jesus proved this. He stayed about his Father’s business, doing good.”

More About Susan
Susan loves her work as a Christian Science  practitioner and describes it as “filled with discovery, joy, and the adventure of realizing more and more of God’s presence and eternal care.” Her healing ministry includes serving as practitioner at camps and regular visits to a local prison and juvenile facility. Susan is fluent in French and started her career an English teacher and speech therapist in public schools. She has been Journal-listed since 1986 and has published widely in the Christian Science periodicals.