5 Tips for Applying for College Funding in North America

There’s still time to apply for funding for Fall 2015! If you’ve been hesitating, here’s some encouragement from Jen Day, our handy dandy Director of Administration. She’s the one who answers when you call for help!


Follow Jen’s tips and you can apply without hassle– even if you’re headed to Hogwarts!

1. Read the Instructions
I know you’re scrunching your nose. I’m not a fan of reading a pile of words either, but there’s a lot of useful info on our website that’s kind of necessary to applying–so buck up and power through!

2. Relax–We’re here for you!
If something’s confusing, complicated, or tech is blitzing, stay cool and just email me–I’m pretty quick with responses and can resolve just about anything. Yes, you read that right–email! I’m part of the tech generation so give it a day and you’ll have an answer.

3. Watch the Clock
Apply about 4 weeks before your school need funds -we don’t have deadlines and we can’t guarantee funding, but that is the average time it takes to process a completed application during our busy summer season.

4. Kidulthood
While your parents are a welcome guide you through life, please don’t ask them to apply for you. Most awards include a loan. When you communicate directly with ABF, you save time and ensure that you know exactly how to navigate the repayment process. More importantly, when we work directly with you, we get to know you–and that means a lot to us folks swimming in an ocean of applications.

5. Don’t disappear!
Ok, this totally isn’t a tip but it is key to passing the blessing forward. The only reason we have 20+ Regional Ambassador volunteers conducting interviews is because we are part of a Christian Science community that genuinely cares about supporting each other. So, maybe you could sort of, kinda, maybe let us know how you’re doing every once in a while.