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Wisdom Thomas

ABF Student Profile – Wisdom Thomas

Wisdom Thomas is our featured student for October/November! A recent graduate from St. Mary’s College of California, he majored in business analytics and finance, and actively participated in track and field events all throughout his academic years. He now works as a financial auditor with Deloitte, and has aspirations to delve into cybersecurity and internal […]

Isabella Sison

ABF Student Profile – Isabella Sison

Isabella Sison, a rising junior at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, is passionate about her double major of linguistics and data science. She finds the intersection of the two fields fascinating and is currently contemplating a career in computational linguistics. As a designated James Monroe Scholar, the most academically distinguished undergraduates at William & […]

The Albert Baker Pass Your Blessings Forward Scholarship

Harvey Heiges shares why he funds Pass Your Blessings Forward Scholarships

Dear Friends, This spring 101 Albert Baker Fund Scholarship recipients are graduating from college. We are so grateful to our generous donors who helped fund the education of a new generation of healers. It may surprise you to learn that, although these students received an Albert Baker Scholarship and scholarships from their colleges and other […]

Julia Stevermer Photo

ABF Trustees Award the Daniel Herbert Leadership Scholarship to Julia Stevermer

The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the Daniel Herbert Leadership Scholarship to recognize his 18-years of inspired service to our Board and the ABF community. “This special scholarship in Dan’s name is a fitting tribute to his deep commitment to our students and ABF’s mission to serve Christian Scientists,” […]

Img 0257 Casual

Dr. Libby Sheiern Joins ABF as Scholarships and Student Success Manager

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Libby Scheiern will be joining The Albert Baker Fund team as Scholarships and Student Success Manager beginning Monday, June 27. In this role, she will manage all of The Albert Baker Fund’s (ABF) scholarship programs in the US, Canada, Europe, and Africa.  Dr. Scheiern will work closely with […]

David Westphal, Trustee

David Westphal, ABF trustee and former recipient, shares why he funded a Pass Your Blessings Forward Scholarship

Dear Friends, I am writing to you today as a fellow Christian Scientist who, like you, values the work of The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) to support young Christian Scientists. In fact, I can still remember how I felt when I learned that ABF could help me pay for college. My first reaction was elation! […]

What is the ripple effect of educating one person?

2016 Message to our Friends  Greetings from The Albert Baker Fund! As we look back over the many wonderful individuals we’ve funded in the last year, we can’t help but think of the powerful ripple effect that educating one person can make in the life of a family, a church, and a community. Our non-profit […]

5 Tips for Applying for College Funding in North America

There’s still time to apply for funding for Fall 2015! If you’ve been hesitating, here’s some encouragement from Jen Day, our handy dandy Director of Administration. She’s the one who answers when you call for help! 1. Read the Instructions I know you’re scrunching your nose. I’m not a fan of reading a pile of words […]

Survey: More freshmen than ever say they are going to college to get better jobs, make more money

The current economic situation in the United States has a major influence on first-year students’ decisions about which college to attend and is reflected in their reasons for pursuing higher education, according to the CIRP Freshman Survey, UCLA’s annual survey of the nation’s entering students at four-year colleges and universities. The survey is administered nationally, since 1966, by […]

ABF alum brings international award to Uganda’s daily newspaper

We love to hear about the impact that ABF alums are having around the world.  In Kampala, Uganda, Dixon Ampumuza has put his passion for education to good use in his position as Advocacy Manager for Media in Education at the country’s leading daily newspaper, New Vision. Dixon and his team recently received a silver […]