Africa Team Comes Together in Sacramento for First Time

Africa's regional program managers, Lamech Katamba, left, and Huguette Diakabana, right, plan with International Program Manager Lonnie Best-Jarvis in ABF's Sacramento office.

In November 2011, our regional program managers for East, West, and Central Africa, Lamech Katamba and Huguette Diakabana, were able to spend several weeks working at ABF headquarters along with the Sacramento half of their team: CEO Alan Bashor, International Programs Manager Lonnie Best-Jarvis and Office Administrator Jennifer Day.

“We all talk and email regularly, and at all hours of the day and night,” said Lonnie, “but coming together in one place has been a tremendous asset to our program planning.  We’ve been able to develop written policies and to hear Lamech and Huguette’s recommendations for improving our programs ‘on the ground.’”

How are our two regional program managers working together to build ABF’s grant program in Africa?

“We spent the last year researching the infrastructure in the countries we are in, in order to better understand what is necessary to run our programs in Central, East, and West Africa.  We are planning to continue our research during the next year.

We are also working to establish strong networks in local Christian Science communities, educational institutions, banks, and companies. We believe strong local networks will allow us to run a successful program and have the kind of impact ABF hopes to have in each country.“
~Huguette Diakabana; Regional Program Manager for Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana,  Nigeria, and Republic of the Congo

How would you describe the impact of ABFs programs for Christian Scientists in Africa?

“ABF’s grant program is greatly appreciated. Young people who have benefited from their education get better jobs and become more active church members, including supporting their church financially. They are blessing others; not just other Christian Scientists, but their entire community and country.“
~Lamech Katamba; Regional Program Manager for Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia

The Albert Baker Fund is truly reaching around the world to bless Christian Scientists and our Movement!