LifeLaunch! Module #2: Microcosm-Macrocosm

Note: you may have ordered the textbooks if you completed Module 1; if not, you can do so now. They are vital to completion of the course.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Watch the Bonus Video

Step 3: Pass the Quiz

Pick the best response for each question (answers below):

1) What is the single most important thing to know about job change?

  1. You gets jobs by talking to people!
  2. You need 100 leads at all times.
  3. You look for work in channels. That is, you look for a certain type of job; you don’t look just for posted openings.
  4. If you want to get hired you should dress exactly like the people with whom you will be working.

2) What is a job lead?

  1. An idea, a rumor, everyone in your alma mater’s alumni association, all the people at your gym, people you stand in line with.
  2. A friend of a friend, an acquaintance, a family member, old roommates.
  3. A posted opening on a job board like Monster or CareerBuilder or on a corporate Web site.
  4. All of the above.

3) Which one of the following is not true?

  1. You can go through this course in order or jump around from module to module to suit your interests.
  2. If you do the tasks and take the quizzes (like this quiz you are taking now), you will get a badge for each module.
  3. If you finish all 8 modules, you will get a certificate that you have completed the LifeLaunch Career Development Course. You can put it on your resume or print it out and hang it on your wall.
  4. If you just hang out in your parents’ basement, some employer will eventually find you there and hire you.

4) Which of the following statements about the hidden job market is true?

  1. You have to be an extrovert to get a job in the hidden job market.
  2. You don’t need a resume in the hidden job market.
  3. You must have friends to run an effective hidden job market search.
  4. The majority of jobs are in the hidden job market, and as a further bonus, there is much, much less competition there.


Answer Key:

1: A, 2: D, 3: D, 4: D

Step 4: Order the textbooks (if you haven’t):

Step 5: Review these Core Concepts:

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