Step 1: What an ABF Award Covers

ATTENTION APPLICANTS: In order to implement an easier-to-use application system, ABF is temporarily pausing all application submissions beginning April 1, 2020. Our new system will reopen on April 15. If you've started an application already, you must complete and submit it by March 31, or fill out a new application starting April 15. More info

What We Fund

Please note that ABF’s funding is based on a student’s need, with merit being a key factor in our award decisions.  Our awards are meant only to supplement a student’s other sources of college funding. While most applications are successful, we cannot guarantee that funding will be provided.

  • Education Levels: Undergraduate, graduate, and vocational
  • Locations: Educational institutions in The United States or Canada
  • Expenses: Tuition, books and housing
  • Funding Type: Complementary aid: we are needs-based and bridge funding gaps; we are not a primary aid source
  • Awards Types: Loans, grants, or both — award offers depend on a review of the application
  • Award Distribution: Loans are made payable to students and grants are made payable to educational institutions
  • Award Duration: One academic year, one academic semester, or one vocational course; we do not fund course work completed in the past
  • Award Average (current):  $4,500 (combined loan and grant)
  • Loan Repayment: 12-month grace period upon graduation, 3% interest rate, 10 year repayment term, or a minimum of $38/month

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