Step 1: What an ABF Award Covers

What We Fund

Please note that ABF’s funding is based on a student’s need.  Our awards are meant only to supplement a student’s other sources of college funding.  While most applications are successful, we cannot guarantee that funding will be provided.

  • Education Levels: Undergraduate, graduate, and vocational
  • Locations: Educational institutions in The United States or Canada
  • Expenses: Tuition, books and academic fees
  • Funding Type: Complimentary aid: we are needs-based and we bridge funding gaps; we are not a primary aid source
  • Award Type: Scholarships
  • Award Distribution: Scholarships are made payable to educational institutions
  • Award Duration: One academic year, one academic semester, or one vocational course; we do not fund course work completed in the past
  • Award Average (current):  $4,500 scholarship

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