One student’s journey: “God really does have a beautiful plan for me”

We recently heard from Emmeline Quist, who graduated from Ashesi University College in Accra, Ghana, in 2013, with a degree in Business Administration.  Here, she shares the  journey that led to her “dream school” and employment in a highly respected Ghanian company.  Now she pledges to help other students achieve their goals.

“My gratitude to God really knows no bounds; so is my gratitude to The Albert Baker Fund (ABF). I wrote an article in the Christian Science Journal called God has a beautiful plan. The gratitude I had for all the things that were happening in my life
then has even increased over the years through the different trials and victories over sin, disease and death. I still relate to that article and have an even firmer belief in stating that God really does have a beautiful plan for me.

Emmeline Quist Ashesi University College, 2013

Emmeline Quist
Ashesi University College, 2013

“I am very grateful to ABF for playing a very huge part in my life progress. God really does know how to position people in your life at strategic points in time. The ABF came into my life just when I felt all hope was lost for me getting a good education, and more importantly, getting it at the right time. I basically had no hope of going to Ashesi University; the best and highest paid private university in Ghana. Attending Ashesi meant that I had the opportunity to go to school in what is considered the “Ivy League” college of Africa, without having to travel abroad. It also meant that I was going to be paying a lot of money for school fees which I knew my family could not afford.

“After looking at the pros and cons of attending the school, my human mind finally came to the conclusion that although the pros were very attractive, the cons outweighed them drastically. I mean how in this world was I going to afford that? Since the application forms to the other schools were sold out, I decided it was best to forget about attending any university that year and to wait patiently for the next year to begin applying for other schools.

“It seems that God had an even better plan for me. He answered my question of how I could afford to attend my dream school–He made it possible for ABF to come to Ghana!  ABF has been my safety net for my entire four years in school, always there for me and never letting me suffer or worry during my academic journey. I had a secure education. It has been a four year strong relationship with ABF and as the years went by, the love between us increased. It was like there was an unspoken family bond between me and ABF; we were one big happy family.

“Five years later, and I am doing my national service in a start-up company that is one of the most respected business marketers in Ghana, working as the CEO’s Executive Assistant and in human resources for the company. National service is a mandatory one year service to Ghana required of graduates in my country. I am able to demonstrate my knowledge of God through Christian Science in my journey through the corporate world. I am better equipped to take on the working world though the education received from Ashesi which was made possible through God and ABF.

“I remain humbled and very grateful. I am inspired by the generosity of donors to the ABF who make it possible for people like me to have a better shot at the opportunity to receive good education and I promise to work very hard to assist the Fund and give back to the community. I hope that as I venture through my professional career and life I will be able to help other students achieve their goals, just as ABF has helped me in achieving mine.”

Emmeline Quist lives and works in Accra, Ghana