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Joe Ritter visiting Africa

ABF’s Recent Trip to Africa (Special Zoom Presentation on May 2 Open to All)

At this special presentation, Joe Ritter, ABF CEO, will update you on his 5-week trip to six countries in Africa. Please join us on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 4:00-4:45 pm Pacific Time (5 pm MT, 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET). All are invited. Register here:

Japhet Tekila

ABF In Africa 2023, Part4 (FINAL)!

March 15, 2023 Hi, All! The ABF six-country tour of Africa has come to an end.  As I stated in an earlier email, understanding and explaining ABF’s programs in Africa is complicated.  Naturally beautiful – and also complex.  Also, please feel free to share this email with others. Without a doubt, ABF is supporting tremendous […]

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Yaoundé, Cameroon

ABF In Africa 2023, Part3!

February 22, 2023 Bonjour! (We are now in Francophone Africa, Cameroon. Having finished our visits to Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana.) Welcome back to my attempt to share highlights from our ABF trip through Africa! As I mentioned before, these are just shadows of the true experience. Also, let me be clear that these are my […]

The Christian Science Organization at Ndejje University, Kampala, Uganda

ABF In Africa 2023, Part2!

February 13, 2023 Hello! Habari! Chi! Each evening, I think that this evening will be the evening when I will have time to write an update – and each evening seems to end 2-3 hours later than expected and the plans for tomorrow require my priority. So, I am taking advantage of the three-hour drive […]

Meeting at University of Ghana in Accra

ABF In Africa 2023, Part1!

February 3, 2023 It’s happening! The CEO of The Albert Baker Fund is returning to Africa this February! In fact, we are enroute as I type this email. Lamech Katamba, ABF African Regional Program Manager, and Dominique Beling, ABF African Applications Processing Agent, have organized a six-country visit for Robin Jones and me (Joe Ritter, […]

Diana Nakawombe, 2019 Albert Baker Fund (ABF) Law School Graduate

ABF Grad Helps Uganda Church Gain Legal Status

“My legal education and understanding of Christian Science enabled me… to have our church recognized as a legitimate religious organization.” – Diana Nakawombe Dear Friends, It’s an hour before the Sunday-morning church service at the Christian Science Society in Kampala, Uganda, and no fewer than 15 members have arrived early to set up church on the […]

Dominique Bita'a Beling

Introducing our New Processing Agent for ABF Programs in Africa!

Dear Friends, Greetings, gratitude, and best wishes to each of you in your respective countries! Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we all embrace the world at this time. I am writing to announce the change of ABF’s Africa Applications Processing Agent, (APA). You may know that our current APA, Mr. Jean Leonard […]

Postcard #4: Inspired by our one universal family in Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana

Posted Wednesday, April 11 Jill Stucker writes from Dubai Airport  From Brazzaville, Alan departed Africa for meetings in the U.S. Lamech, our Africa Program Manager, and I traveled to our final countries in West Africa: Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana. Everywhere we visited, our fellow Christian Scientists greeted us with love, warmth, and so much gratitude […]

Postcard #3: Reflections from Kenya and Republic of Congo

Posted Tuesday, April 2 Alan Bashor writes from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. As I get settled in Brazzaville, I’m still reflecting on our time in Kenya. Since we began our program in Africa in 2003, The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) has supported more students in Kenya than any other country. This week in meetings with […]

Postcard #2: Meeting up with our Africa staff in Uganda

Monday, March 26 Alan Bashor writes: Jill and I are almost to the end of our second week on this wonderful trip. We cannot say enough about the work and wisdom of our African staff, Lamech Katamba in Uganda, and Jean Leonard Ngabo in Rwanda. ABF is blessed beyond measure to have them guiding and maintaining our […]