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Dominique Bita'a Beling

Introducing our New Processing Agent for ABF Programs in Africa!

  Dear Friends, Greetings, gratitude, and best wishes to each of you in your respective countries! Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we all embrace the world at this time. I am writing to announce the change of ABF’s Africa Applications Processing Agent, (APA). You may know that our current APA, Mr. Jean […]

Postcard #4: Inspired by our one universal family in Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana

Posted Wednesday, April 11 Jill Stucker writes from Dubai Airport  From Brazzaville, Alan departed Africa for meetings in the U.S. Lamech, our Africa Program Manager, and I traveled to our final countries in West Africa: Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana. Everywhere we visited, our fellow Christian Scientists greeted us with love, warmth, and so much gratitude […]

Postcard #3: Reflections from Kenya and Republic of Congo

Posted Tuesday, April 2 Alan Bashor writes from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. As I get settled in Brazzaville, I’m still reflecting on our time in Kenya. Since we began our program in Africa in 2003, The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) has supported more students in Kenya than any other country. This week in meetings with […]

Postcard #2: Meeting up with our Africa staff in Uganda

Monday, March 26 Alan Bashor writes: Jill and I are almost to the end of our second week on this wonderful trip. We cannot say enough about the work and wisdom of our African staff, Lamech Katamba in Uganda, and Jean Leonard Ngabo in Rwanda. ABF is blessed beyond measure to have them guiding and maintaining our […]

“Be the Christmas Blessing to our Community!”

“Be the Christmas blessing to our community!” That was the message that landed in the email box of our Africa Programs Manager, Lamech Katamba early last November. Airtel Uganda, one of Uganda’s biggest mobile phone companies, was inviting Lamech—and 10 million other Ugandan cellphone users!—to submit a project for its 12 Days of Christmas Grant […]

What is the ripple effect of educating one person?

[Click here for PDF with full graphics and content] 2016 Message to our Friends  Greetings from The Albert Baker Fund! As we look back over the many wonderful individuals we’ve funded in the last year, we can’t help but think of the powerful ripple effect that educating one person can make in the life of […]

Albert Baker Fund in Africa 2003-2016

The Albert Baker Fund in Africa: Changing Lives, Blessing Communities

May 2016 Dear Friends, It was 2003 when we first expanded our financial support to Christian Scientists in Africa with a pilot program in Uganda and Zambia. Since then, we’ve built a carefully structured program that has dispersed more than $2.1 million in the form of 1,256 educational grants to Christian Scientists in 13 African countries. […]

Reflections on My Africa Journey

As I count down the final hours of my Africa Trip 2015, on board KLM from Amsterdam to San Francisco, I feel a confluence of emotions—excitement to get home to family and friends (and Kiki my dog!), but sadness that this wonderful, adventurous, exhausting, and inspiring trip is coming to a close. The last five […]

Adventures in Kinshasa, Brazzavile, and Pointe Noire

Since my last post, we’ve had many adventures in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Brazzaville, Congo, and Pointe Noire, Congo. We left Pt. Noire yesterday morning, and after many hours of flying, we arrived in Entebbe, Uganda, last night at midnight. We’re now in Lamech’s home country, where we have interviews lined up over the […]

Join us at one of our two upcoming 50th anniversary receptions!

In recognition of our 50 years of serving Christian Scientists, we hope you will join us at one of our two informal anniversary receptions. On Saturday, April 26, 2014, we will be at Arden Wood, 445 Wawona Street, in San Francisco. And on Sunday, May 4, 2014, we will be at The Willows, 23871 Willows Drive, in […]