ABF In Africa 2023, Part1!

February 3, 2023

It’s happening!

The CEO of The Albert Baker Fund is returning to Africa this February!
In fact, we are enroute as I type this email.

Meeting at University of Ghana in Accra

Meeting at University of Ghana in Accra

Lamech Katamba, ABF African Regional Program Manager, and Dominique Beling, ABF African Applications Processing Agent, have organized a six-country visit for Robin Jones and me (Joe Ritter, CEO). We are all excited to share this amazing journey together.

As you may know, ABF provides scholarships to students who are Christian Scientists and are enrolled in university and vocational programs in thirteen African countries:
Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia.

As the trip was unfolding, I asked Lamech to choose the top three countries for our visit. He chose six. If you know Lamech, you will agree that we are fortunate that he did not chose eight – or all thirteen! The six countries we will be visiting are Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, DRC, and the Republic of the Congo.

During this trip we expect to

  1. Assess impact of ABF programs in Africa by gathering Input from students, churches, In-Country Representatives (ICR’s), and others
  2. Assess effectiveness of ABF programs in Africa primarily through discussions with Lamech and Dominique, students, and ICR’s
  3. Support Lamech and Dominique in their roles with ABF
  4. Meet with and support ABF ICR’s
  5. Meet with ABF partner organizations and university officials
  6. Celebrate successes of the ABF Africa program and ABF African students
  7. Gather videos, pictures, and stories of successful ABF African students

My plan is to send updates every two weeks, although I reserve the right to send more frequently should I be able.

All the best,

Dr. Joseph M. Ritter
Chief Executive Officer
The Albert Baker Fund
“Educating Christian Scientists, Blessing the World”