LifeLaunch! Module #9: Your First Promotion

Onboarding and Positioning Yourself for Your First Promotion

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Pass the Quiz

Pick the best response for each question (answers below):

1) What is your relationship to your boss?

  1. A boss is like a pilot, flying an airplane in a thick fog, and you are like an instrument, giving the right information at the right time to keep the flight on track.
  2. A boss is like a bull rider in a rodeo, and you are the bull.
  3. A boss is like an eagle tearing into your liver all night, while you are like Sisyphus, pushing a rock up a hill every day, just to see it roll back down again at the end of each shift.
  4. A boss is like a demon in Hell, and you are a new denizen to that location, wide eyed and naïve of the tortures that await you.

2) What is the most important rule of all about your boss?

  1. Show face time so you can see and be seen by your boss.
  2. Never contradict your boss in public—wait until you are alone together to voice any concerns.
  3. Don’t dress better than your boss.
  4. Never go over your boss’s head without permission.

3) Give some examples of “boundary-spanning” assignments.

  1. Training, business travel, client pitches, trade shows, company parties.
  2. Being the “United Way” fundraiser, or the floor safety committee officer.
  3. Getting involved in March Madness, or fantasy football leagues, and similar.
  4. All of the above—all of these give you a chance to meet people outside your direct reporting chain.

4) Which of the following is not true?

  1. You should be a little slow to jump into a BFF relationship in a new job.
  2. Learning the rules is important, but learning how to act is way more important.
  3. If you do a great job, your boss will automatically think of you when it comes time for promotions.
  4. If you turn down even one promotion offer because it has some down side, you may never get another offer.

5) Bonus Question: What is the most important single line in this entire course?

  1. You get jobs by talking to people!


Answer Key:

1: A, 2: D, 3: D, 4: C, 5: A

Step 3: Read the Text


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