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Net Effect #41 – Derek Grier, Missouri State Rep. And Co Founder, Grier Realty Group

Net Effect #41 – Derek Grier, Missouri State Rep. and Co-founder, Grier Realty Group

Watch the interview here: Listen to the Podcast – Audio Only “We have to be willing to articulate what we believe…” About Our Guest in this episode: Rep. Derek Grier represents St. Louis County in the Missouri State Legislature, serving as chairman of the Committee on Economic Development and sitting on the Professional Registration and Licensing […]

Net Effect #38: Lamech Katamba, Manager Of Abf’s Africa Programs In 13 Countries

Net Effect #38: Lamech Katamba, Manager of ABF’s Africa Programs in 13 countries

“I feel so blessed to witness the transformation of people.” Podcast – Audio Only About Our Speaker: Lamech Katamba, ABF’s Africa Programs Manager since 2009, is a living testament to The Albert Baker Fund’s core value of “passing your blessings forward.” He grew up in the small Africa village of Kyamulinga, where he developed his passion […]

Net Effect #33: Amanda Weitman, Wealth Advisor For Wells Fargo Private Bank

Net Effect #33: Amanda Weitman, Wealth Advisor for Wells Fargo Private Bank

Topic: “It’s a fine time to be grateful!” About Our Speaker: As a wealth advisor for Wells Fargo Private Bank, Amanda is responsible for working with high-net-worth clients to effectively manage their wealth, first by identifying their unique goals, then coordinating a team of specialists to implement a custom, comprehensive wealth plan. She began her […]

Net Effect #32: Alina Bayer, Theater And Company Manager For Teatro Zinzanni

Net Effect #32: Alina Bayer, Theater and Company Manager for Teatro ZinZanni

Topic: “Learn from Everything and Everyone – from Sesame Street to Teatro ZinZanni!” About Our Speaker: Alina manages all daily operations of Teatro ZinZanni, working closely with owners and performers to produce a magical and engaging production 5 to 7 shows per week. Alina also oversees the box office team, including acting as the show […]

Net Effect #31: Becca Denicholas And Alex Kamau Of Crystal Lake Camps

Net Effect #31: Becca DeNicholas and Alex Kamau of Crystal Lake Camps

Topic: “How do future leaders of the world connect in the mountains of Pennsylvania?” Let’s ask these two!” About Our Speakers: Becca attended Principia Upper School and Principia College, graduating in 2015 with a BA in International Global Studies. Throughout her childhood, Becca attended Crystal Lake Camps (CLC) as a camper. During college, she worked […]

Net Effect #29: Erik Olsen, Co Founder And Cfo Of Common Ground Committee

Net Effect #29: Erik Olsen, Co-Founder and CFO of Common Ground Committee

Topic: “Common Ground for Common Good – Bringing Healing to Polarization and Civility to Conversations” About Our Speaker: As the Co-Founder and CFO of the Common Ground Committee, Erik Olsen provides thought leadership to the issues of incivility and polarization in civil discourse in the US, and manages the organization’s operations and finances. Erik has […]

Net Effect #28: John Butler – former Nfl Athlete, Sales Executive, And Dad, On How He Learned To Put God First

Net Effect #28: John Butler – Former NFL Athlete, Sales Executive, and Dad, on How He Learned to Put God First

Topic: “The Challenges and Victories that Taught Me to Put God First” About Our Speaker: Signed by the San Francisco 49ers’s after graduating from Principia College with a BS in Biology, John spent 5 years pursuing his dream to play in the NFL. Since then, he has built a successful sales career that spans 30 […]

Net Effect #26: Bob Woodard — Marketing Consultant And Prison Chaplain

Net Effect #26: Bob Woodard — Marketing Consultant and Prison Chaplain

Topic: “A Christian Science Journey from Consumer Packaged Goods to a Volunteer Prison Chaplain” About Our Speaker: Bob transformed a marketing career with international consumer brands into a consultancy that specializes in everything from product development to advising senior level management. In addition to his extensive professional resume, Bob considers himself blessed to work as […]

Net Effect #18: Travis Thomas, Leadership And Team Dynamics Coach, Us Men’s National Soccer Team

Net Effect #18: Travis Thomas, Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach, US Men’s National Soccer Team

Topic: “Embracing Uncertainty–You Cannot Progress Until You Say, Yes! About Our Speaker: Travis Thomas is the Creator of “Live Yes, And” (www.liveyesand.com) and a performance coach currently serving as the Leadership and Team Dynamics Coach for the US Men’s National Soccer Team. He served as a Leadership Coach at Florida’s IMG Academy, a prestigious boarding […]

Net Effect #17: Chris O’riordan Adjah, Ph.d, Ms, Pe

Net Effect #17: Chris O’Riordan-Adjah, Ph.D, MS, PE

Topic: “Building Bridges, Inspiring Students, and Praying About Equality and Equity” About Our Speaker: Dr. Chris O’Riordan-Adjah is currently the head of the Engineering Department at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a licensed civil and structural engineer, originally from Ghana, where his love for learning and education took shape. We […]