Running in the Right Direction

Nathanael Litwiller
Business Major and NCAA* Ranked Runner
Sacramento, CA

“I love to run. For me it’s a special time to feel God’s comfort, to be grateful, to pray. Some people ask me how I can handle the daily discipline and commitment it takes to train for my events. If you’re doing something for the right reason, it’s not hard. My reason is to glorify God. I think it’s the only good reason. When I was little, if I would get discouraged about something, my Dad would tell me that those times were really opportunities to get closer to God. I still carry that thought with me today when training for an event or facing challenges at a meet.”

Nathanael’s Story: Nathanael is a Division 1 college runner who qualified for the NCAA semi-finals in the spring. When summer came he really needed to stay in Sacramento so he could continue his training, but he only had about $50 left in his bank account. He was praying to know that he couldn’t be denied his source of supply and that God would meet his every need. One day he realized that the Albert Baker Fund offices were located very close to his apartment, so he started dropping in and saying “Hi” to the staff. At the same time, CEO Alan Bashor was realizing there were several projects in the office that needed attention. Nathanael was offered a summer internship which met his financial need perfectly. (“I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity,” he said.) Nathanael’s current goal: qualifying for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, in June.

*National Collegiate Athletic Association

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