Right Where He Needs to Be

Matt Clark
MBA Student and New Ventures Editor
The Christian Science Monitor
Boston, Massachusetts

“If you look at the pace at which things unfolded for me to enroll in the #1 MBA program for entrepreneurship and innovation, and apply what I’m learning everyday while working full-time at The Christian Science Monitor, it could only have been through God’s direction. I went from rebelling against the changes that I thought were weakening the craft of journalism, to realizing that I needed to be part of helping The Monitor find a new business solution.”

“Sometimes the demands feel impossible. But all things are possible to God. I stop and listen for guidance from God. Things are just too complicated not to be led! It’s an exciting time at The Monitor. Our reliance on divine power is no small part of why we’re making such great strides.”

Matt’s story: Matt was fulfilling his dream to become a foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor when he came to see that The Monitor’s real need was to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry. Soon after, he found out about the Babson College Fast Track MBA program, was accepted, received financial assistance from The Albert Baker Fund, and enrolled. The Babson program focuses on solving complex business challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit — finding new opportunities within the challenge. This whole new way of looking at things is giving Matt a tool box of practical skills and strategies, putting him at the center of The Monitor’s efforts to build a sustainable new business model.

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