Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

Rebecca Kaufmann Aldinger
Graduate Student and Instructor
San Francisco State University

“English teachers have so much potential to impact the way people think and the way people make sense of the world. I love working with college students because they’re going through an exciting transition. It’s exhilarating to help someone learn how to be a successful college student, how to be a good reader, how to think critically. I’m never bored!”

“I see so many parallels between learning to be a good teacher and striving to grow as a Christian Scientist. In both cases, you need to be honest with yourself and examine your thinking. They’re both demanding. The discipline I need to be a good teacher is the discipline I need in my practice of Christian Science.”

Rebeccaa’s Story: With help from The Albert Baker Fund, Rebecca has completed a Master of Arts in English from San Francisco State University, with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a graduate certificate in Teaching Post-Secondary Reading. In January she will complete her second graduate certificate in Teaching Composition. In spite of her education and experience, Rebecca feels she is “just scratching the surface of what it means to be a good teacher.” She credits a turning point in her spiritual growth with a challenging trip to Chile that was filled with prayer and study. While there she was able to help an acquaintance who was in a great deal of pain. Rebecca found that she was able to speak the Truth to her in effortless Spanish, and the woman had an instantaneous healing. “I realize that when you’re working through your own challenges, you’re also poised to help others,” says Rebecca.

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