Trusting Each Step of the Way

Stephen Calkinskeyes
Chemistry Major
Elsah, Illinois

“If you had told me that I could lose my business, sell my home, pay off my debts, and yet be able to go back to school for three years, with my wife and five kids, to start and finish a chemistry degree, I would never have thought it possible. And yet it is! God has given me an incredible opportunity to take another direction in my life, to improve my thought and circumstances. Yes, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done and how much time I have to do it, but I trust God will carry me through. I can’t do it, but God can. More than anything else, I’m learning to trust God with my every step, to listen to Him and obey what He wants me to do.”

Stephen’s Story: When Stephen lost his mortgage business he decided to return to school and pursue his long-time dream to finish college. So with one year of college credit on his record, he took his family back to Illinois where, with the help of The Albert Baker Fund, he enrolled as a Chemistry Major at Principia College, thirty years after graduating from high school. Along the way, he made a promising, God-directed discovery regarding a process that turns sewage into fuel. His chemistry courses are helping him research and prove a process patent for his discovery. What next? Stephen is considering entering a PhD program when he graduates. His enthusiasm and good humor in the face of challenges are an inspiration to his fellow students. All other adventures aside, his long-term goal is to enter the public practice of Christian Science.

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