Postcard #1: Follow Us On Our Trip to Africa!

We’re on our way to Africa to meet with our inspiring students, treasured local ABF staff, and fellow Christian Scientists in six countries–Uganda, Kenya, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana!

Our journey begins mid-March and ends mid-April.

We anticipate many special moments on this tour. We can’t wait to share our highlights and insights with you!

To receive our email “postcard messages” from Africa, just send an email to, with the subject line: “Send me a postcard!” Be sure to include your full name so we know who the sender is!

Postcard #2:  Meeting up with our Africa staff in Uganda

Postcard #3:  Reflections from Kenya and Republic of Congo

Postcard #4:  Inspired by our one “universal family” in Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana

Thank you for joining us on our journey!


Alan Bashor, CEO
Jill Stucker, Manager of Grant and Loan Programs

PS If you’d like to learn more about how our education grant program in Africa is changing lives and blessing communities, take a look at our 2016 program evaluation.

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