Postcard #2: Meeting up with our Africa staff in Uganda

Monday, March 26

In our Kampala office: Jean Leonard Ngabo, Africa Programs Processing Agent; Alan Bashor, ABF CEO; Jill Stucker, Manager of Grant and Loan Programs; Lamech Katamba, Africa Programs Manager

Alan Bashor writes:

Jill and I are almost to the end of our second week on this wonderful trip. We cannot say enough about the work and wisdom of our African staff, Lamech Katamba in Uganda, and Jean Leonard Ngabo in Rwanda. ABF is blessed beyond measure to have them guiding and maintaining our efforts here.

Our overriding impressions are that our post-secondary education program in Africa is having a profound impact on our Christian Science beneficiaries. And this positive influence affects not only our individual ABF recipients—both within and beyond church—but their extended families, work environments, and communities also benefit.

In Kampala, Uganda, Jill and I witnessed how ABF’s support of active Christian Scientists and our expectation that these beneficiaries pass the blessings of their education forward, has transformed the Kampala Christian Science Society into a truly remarkable prayer-based healing center. So many factors contribute to the progress of this Christian Science community: the members’ prayerful support of one another; our alumni and church elders mentoring younger church members; all members’ generous giving to the church; their loving and welcome embrace of visitors; and their natural outreach into their nearby community. Working together, their membership demonstrates what all Christian Scientists value in their church family.

Christian Science Society, Kampala, Uganda

We saw first-hand and heard stories from the members of the Society how ABF has contributed to their church community’s growth and progress. These accounts give me the highest appreciation for what the ongoing development and delivery of our program means to our African fields. The proofs of God’s care are evident everywhere in the lives of these dedicated first-and-second-generation hard working, selfless, and determined Christian Scientists!

Well that’s it for now! Our days, though long and filled to overflowing, have not been wearing or tiring. That perhaps suggests that “the divine energy of Spirit” is truly “bringing us into newness of life.” (Science and Health p. 249-6-8)

Love to you all and thank you for your ongoing support of this journey!

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