ABF Student Profile – Tyler Flavin

Tyler Flavin

Tyler Flavin is a Christian Science Nurse at Broadview in Los Angeles, California. His path has been an unconventional one. After graduating college and with the uncertainty of the pandemic at that time, Tyler found himself at a crossroads. While his original plan was to pursue music and acting, the summer after graduation he worked at the Christian Science youth camp, Owatonna. After a summer filled with prayer and listening, he decided to listen and follow God’s plans. While listening, the thought came to explore becoming a Christian Science Nurse.. This thought seemed totally out of left field for Tyler. He recalls thinking, “How could I do something like that? It was so far off the spectrum from what I thought I could do.” The more he prayed about it, the more it felt right, so he jumped in headfirst, trusting God’s direction. Tyler accepted a nine-month Christian Science Nursing Youth Service Corps paid internship.

During the past two years of Christian Science nursing, there have been numerous experiences that reaffirm Tyler’s decision to enter the field. A standout moment for him was the first time he was alone with an agitated patient who needed immediate help. Through prayer and reading together, he helped the patient calm down, find peace, and sleep. Tyler shared that he is learning so much about God as Love from his career in Christian Science nursing. Tyler shared: “Nursing has been everything that I needed and what I was looking for. I wanted to get to know God and help my neighbor. It has fulfilled me in every way.”

In his words, he found the “pearl of great price” that will forever remain with him. Tyler is filled with immense gratitude for support from The Albert Baker Fund (ABF), which beyond just helping him further his education, has also equipped him to provide better patient care. He feels that ABF’s support has been instrumental in both his career and spiritual growth, enabling him to assist other nurses and patients more effectively.