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Net Effect #36: Alex Cook, Muralist And Christian Musician

Net Effect #36: Alex Cook, Muralist and Christian Musician

“Being less concerned about myself and being obedient to inspiration…” Podcast – Audio Only About Our Speaker: Since 1997 Alex Cook has created over 200 murals in 20 states and 4 countries (USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Guatemala). Alex’s work focuses on community and spiritual themes expressed through nature imagery and storytelling. In 2004 Cook founded Art Builds […]

Net Effect #35: Gabriel Serafini, Web Designer, Wordpress Wizard, Competitive Sailor, And New Dad

Net Effect #35: Gabriel Serafini, Web Designer, WordPress Wizard, Competitive Sailor, and New Dad

Topic: “Sharing Tools That Help Churches Share Their Voice” About Our Speaker: Shortly after graduating from Principia College in 1998, Gabriel was hired to be its first full-time webmaster. After leading two major website redesigns, and hand-building over 500 new pages of HTML, he was hired by a web streaming startup and launched a career […]

Net Effect #34: Hilary Harper Wilcoxen, Director Of Mission Advancement For Team Long Run

Net Effect #34: Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen, Director of Mission Advancement for Team Long Run

Topic: “When one door closes, where do you find the next door?” About Our Speaker: As Director of Mission Advancement for Team Long Run, Hilary spends most of her time helping kids living in high poverty access enrichment programs that will give them their best shot at a happy and productive future. Team Long Run’s […]

Net Effect #33: Amanda Weitman, Wealth Advisor For Wells Fargo Private Bank

Net Effect #33: Amanda Weitman, Wealth Advisor for Wells Fargo Private Bank

Topic: “It’s a fine time to be grateful!” About Our Speaker: As a wealth advisor for Wells Fargo Private Bank, Amanda is responsible for working with high-net-worth clients to effectively manage their wealth, first by identifying their unique goals, then coordinating a team of specialists to implement a custom, comprehensive wealth plan. She began her […]

Net Effect #32: Alina Bayer, Theater And Company Manager For Teatro Zinzanni

Net Effect #32: Alina Bayer, Theater and Company Manager for Teatro ZinZanni

Topic: “Learn from Everything and Everyone – from Sesame Street to Teatro ZinZanni!” About Our Speaker: Alina manages all daily operations of Teatro ZinZanni, working closely with owners and performers to produce a magical and engaging production 5 to 7 shows per week. Alina also oversees the box office team, including acting as the show […]

Net Effect #31: Becca Denicholas And Alex Kamau Of Crystal Lake Camps

Net Effect #31: Becca DeNicholas and Alex Kamau of Crystal Lake Camps

Topic: “How do future leaders of the world connect in the mountains of Pennsylvania?” Let’s ask these two!” About Our Speakers: Becca attended Principia Upper School and Principia College, graduating in 2015 with a BA in International Global Studies. Throughout her childhood, Becca attended Crystal Lake Camps (CLC) as a camper. During college, she worked […]

Net Effect #30: Jessica Morse, Deputy Secretary For California’s Forest Resource Management

Net Effect #30: Jessica Morse, Deputy Secretary for California’s Forest Resource Management

Topic: “A Career Built on Servant Leadership–from Civil Servant, to Congressional Candidate, and Deputy Secretary for California Forest Management” About Our Speaker: As a 5th generation Northern Californian, Jessica has grown up hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing and skiing throughout the Sierra and California. Her family still maintains their original homestead forest land in Gold Run, […]

Net Effect #29: Erik Olsen, Co Founder And Cfo Of Common Ground Committee

Net Effect #29: Erik Olsen, Co-Founder and CFO of Common Ground Committee

Topic: “Common Ground for Common Good – Bringing Healing to Polarization and Civility to Conversations” About Our Speaker: As the Co-Founder and CFO of the Common Ground Committee, Erik Olsen provides thought leadership to the issues of incivility and polarization in civil discourse in the US, and manages the organization’s operations and finances. Erik has […]

Net Effect #28: John Butler – former Nfl Athlete, Sales Executive, And Dad, On How He Learned To Put God First

Net Effect #28: John Butler – Former NFL Athlete, Sales Executive, and Dad, on How He Learned to Put God First

Topic: “The Challenges and Victories that Taught Me to Put God First” About Our Speaker: Signed by the San Francisco 49ers’s after graduating from Principia College with a BS in Biology, John spent 5 years pursuing his dream to play in the NFL. Since then, he has built a successful sales career that spans 30 […]

Net Effect #27: Holly Valentine, Aquarist And Caretaker Of One Of The Earth’s Most Precious Assets

Net Effect #27: Holly Valentine, Aquarist and Caretaker of One of the Earth’s Most Precious Assets

Topic: “Follow Her Career Path From Summer Camp Counselor to White Water Rafter to Marine Scientist!” About Our Speaker: This week on the Net Effect we welcome Holly Valentine, Aquarist with Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. Holly’s work as a marine scientist focuses on conservation, education, and research, through which she inspires people to care for […]