The Albert Baker Fund in Africa: Changing Lives, Blessing Communities

Albert Baker Fund in Africa

May 2016

Dear Friends,

It was 2003 when we first expanded our financial support to Christian Scientists in Africa with a pilot program in Uganda and Zambia.

Since then, we’ve built a carefully structured program that has dispersed more than $2.1 million in the form of 1,256 educational grants to Christian Scientists in 13 African countries.

The numbers might be impressive, but they tell only part of the story.

As our Board of Trustees has reflected on the growth and sustainability of our post-secondary education program in Africa, we recognized the need for an objective measure of our success.

So, in 2015, with the help of a professional program evaluator, The Albert Baker Fund launched a comprehensive assessment of the impact that our Africa program is having on individual Christian Scientists, their churches, and communities.

We wanted to know the following:

  1. What difference have we made in the lives of the recipients we’ve funded?
  2. How sincere are recipients in their practice of Christian Science?
  3. How have recipients passed the blessings of their education forward to help others?

Today we’re excited to share with you some of the in-depth answers to these questions in the report linked below.

You’ll learn that the education and training we fund for sincere students of Christian Science is making a significant difference — not only in the lives of our recipients but for their families, local branch churches, and communities.

Albert Baker Fund - 2016 Africa Report
View “The Albert Baker Fund in Africa, 2003-2016” report (5.4MB PDF)