What is the ripple effect of educating one person?

2016 Message to our Friends 

Greetings from The Albert Baker Fund!

As we look back over the many wonderful individuals we’ve funded in the last year, we can’t help but think of the powerful ripple effect that educating one person can make in the life of a family, a church, and a community.

Our non-profit organization is named for just such a person, Albert Baker—the older brother of Mary Baker Eddy. During breaks from his studies at Dartmouth College, Albert tutored Mary, nurturing her thirst for knowledge while providing an education that was rarely available to young women at that time. What an important gift Albert gave to Mary—and subsequently to all of us!

A gracious mentor

The founders of The Albert Baker Fund (ABF) chose to honor Albert Baker because of the impact his mentoring made in the life of his beloved sister. ABF, started in the 1960s as a modest loan fund for college students, has grown to serve thousands of Christian Scientists throughout North America, the Philippines, Europe, the United Kingdom (UK), and 13 countries in Africa. In the spirit of Albert’s loving example to share his education, ABF has adopted the motto, “pass your blessings forward” as one of our core values and an enduring message to our students.

A half-century of selfless giving

This loving spirit connects our students to a long line of ABF donors, volunteers, and friends. Our founders clearly saw the benefit of Christian Scientists achieving their educational goals, and over the decades, our donors have helped us sustain and promote this worthy cause. We are deeply grateful for this half-century of selfless giving, and the specific ways that this generosity, in turn, strengthens the entire Christian Science community.

Meeting the needs of Christian Scientists, year by year

In our earliest days, The Albert Baker Fund managed a single program: a revolving loan fund for college students. Every year since, Christian Scientists have contributed to ABF, enabling us to expand the ways we meet the educational needs of those in our community and help them advance their life’s purpose.

Our core programs

The number of participants in our four core programs in 2016 shows the scope of ABF’s outreach to Christian Scientists:

College, Graduate School, and Vocational Training in North America

  • In 2016, ABF made 181 financial awards to students 92 colleges in the US, supporting students from Alaska to Florida and from California to Canada.

International College and Vocational Training in Germany, the Philippines, the UK, and 13 countries in Africa

  • This year ABF made 214 awards to international Christian Scientists studying a wide range of subjects, including one student in the UK doing graduate work on Mary Baker Eddy!

Christian Science Nursing Training in North America, South America, Europe, the UK, and Africa

  • In 2016, we made 90 awards for Christian Science nursing students to attend courses at partner facilities across the US.
  • This coming year, we will fund our partner in Switzerland, Le Verger, to conduct Christian Science nursing training in Nigeria, Angola, and Uganda. This program will enable Christian Scientists to receive training in their own country and bring healing and comfort to countless African Christian Scientists.


ABF Mentor Program

The Albert Baker Fund is committed to supporting our students through and beyond their college years!  We have developed an innovative mentoring program for current students and recent college graduates to help them realize success in their careers and lives.

We are exploring:

  1. One-on-one mentoring, which provides each student with a mentor in a student’s field of interest who can provide a Christian Science perspective. This allows our students to understand and learn how a Christian Scientist practices in their profession.  The mentor provides opportunities, connections, and guidance.
  2. Student Learning Communities which provide peer-to-peer interaction facilitated by a career professional. This is a place for students to share ideas, ask questions, develop skills, and focus on career topics.
  3. LinkedIn Groups that connect students, graduates, mentors, professionals, and other job seekers.

If you would like to be a part of the mentor program, please contact Libby Scheiern at libby.scheiern@albertbakerfund.org.

Expanding within our mission

As contributions given in gratitude from our donors have allowed us to grow our core programs, consistent with our mission, we have also expanded thoughtfully into areas that “…provide resources for the education and development of Christian Scientists.”

Christian Science US Military Chaplains’ Master of Divinity Degree

  • The scope and reach over a lifetime military career of these dedicated Christian Scientists really can’t be calculated. Every year, ABF funds 1-3 future chaplains. Before entering their ministries, the students must earn a Master of Divinity degree at Boston University, and ABF is here to assist.

DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council Graduate Award 

  • Each year nearly 150 Christian Science teens participate in a dynamic four-year leadership program that fosters spiritual growth, a service approach to life, and coast-to-coast connections with other Christian Science teens.

A lifelong impact

The financial support that our donors give to Christian Scientists seeking a vocational or university education often makes a lifelong impact. We frequently hear recipients say that ABF’s funding came at a crucial time in their young lives, and that our support meant everything to them. Now, decades later, they still feel that gratitude and are moved to help others take the next steps toward achieving their life goals. That circle of gratitude and giving—passing one’s blessings forward—continues to motivate and inspire all of us in our work at The Albert Baker Fund.