Sharing Gratitude

We would love to hear from you! If you are a recipient or the parent of a recipient, we would be so grateful to hear what The Albert Baker Fund has meant to you and your family. And, of course, we’d love to hear the various ways you’ve “passed the blessing forward” to the Christian Science Movement, your community, your workplace, and the world! If you share any pictures and videos, we would love to post them on our website to share with our community. Please use our online form to submit your story. You can see examples of gratitude that others have shared on our Gratitude page.

ABF Alumni on Facebook

We now have a page on Facebook, and we would appreciate it if you would give us a “Like” for The Albert Baker Fund so we can connect with you!

ABF Alumni Email Address

You can email us at

Repaying Your Loan

For information on how to repay your loan, requirements for loan deferment, or contact information for our Loan Administrator, please visit our Repaying Your Loan page.

Staying In Touch

We have lists of alumni, but we need complete contact info. Please help us by filling out the form below so we can complete our records and stay in touch with you. Thanks!

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