DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council

What is the National Leadership Council (NLC)?

The National Leadership Council (NLC), a four-year servant leadership program for Christian Science teens, “fosters spiritual growth, leadership qualities, and a service approach to life.”  DiscoveryBound, a subsidiary of Adventure Unlimited, manages and oversees NLC. Teens who attend Christian Science Sunday School can apply for the program in the fall semester of their 8th-grade year. The entire program will last from a student’s freshman through senior years in high school.

These 8th-grade applicants comprise classes of 20 participants, shepherded by class leaders and local mentors, who will stay with them through the students’ senior year. Each year, the class has monthly conference calls, a 10-14-day summer experience, and several weekend events. Every student participates in the Congressional Award, which requires a certain number of hours of volunteer service, personal development, physical fitness, and exploration/expedition.

To apply to the NLC program, 8th graders can learn more and apply online at the DiscoveryBound web site.

What We Fund

The Albert Baker Fund provides a grant to DiscoveryBound on behalf of each participant.

Paige’s NLC Internship Project: A different kind of care package

The last summer of the NLC program, seniors intern with an organization of their choice within the Christian Science community. Here’s just one example of what these internships can accomplish! Paige developed her project with Friends of the Christian Science Monitor and collaborated with her church and reading room to make it happen.

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