How to Avoid the Resume Black Hole

The number one complaint we hear from job seekers when applying online is that they never get any response to their applications.

The resume goes out and nothing ever comes back!

It can be very disheartening to take the time and effort to apply for a job and have nothing to show for it–not even the slightest bit of encouragement from a recruiter or hiring manager!

Today’s companies and recruiters are using applicant tracking software to sort and sift through the hundreds of resumes they receive for job postings.  One cannot ignore the realities of online application submission.

Some companies ask screening questions.  Sometimes, not answering a screening question can knock a candidate out of consideration, but, not always.  There are some very good points in the US News & World Report Money article, “How to avoid the Resume Black Hole” about what you should know about applicant tracking software, or ATS.

LifeLaunch! Can Help

ABF’s LifeLaunch! course can help you put forward a winning resume and cover letter. Don Asher, who developed LifeLaunch! states, “The beginning of the resume should answer this question for the employer or recruiter, what can this candidate do for me?”

Check out Module 4 of LifeLaunch!, Resumes and Cover Letters—it will help you successfully answer this question in your resume and cover letter.

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