Dear Friends, we have a special story to share with you about one of our scholarship recipients…

Vanessa Ramirez Jasso

…and her amazing journey of personal and professional growth–with Christian Science and a clear sense of purpose pointing the way forward.


Vanessa Ramirez JassoTriumphing over challenges

Vanessa’s journey began when she moved to California from Mexico and her world seemed completely disrupted. Unfamiliar with a new culture, a new school, and a new language, she struggled to make friends and feel like she belonged.

Now, ten years later, as a recent college graduate, Vanessa speaks fluent English, was selected by her classmates to deliver a graduation address, stays in touch with a close network of friends throughout the US, and has begun her desired career in education.

She is also an active member of her branch church, where she teaches Sunday School.

How church and trust in God made the difference

Vanessa tells of her wholehearted trust in God’s plan for her and the constant flow of love and support she received from her church community— Sunday School teachers, camp counselors, church family, and friends.

“Sunday was (and still is) my favorite day of the week! Every Sunday when I came to my branch church, I felt noticed, valued, and deeply loved! When that is given to you, you can’t help but feel capable, loved, and encouraged to grow!

“Gradually, I began to do well at school, make new friends, and understand more about the truth Christian Science brings.”

Vanessa gained even more confidence in college, where she grew as a student and discovered her passion for education.

“College gave me a greater sense of purpose. I learned that I care a lot about people and I feel compelled to help others lead their way. Something I also care deeply about is seeing everyone as fully capable of surpassing any limitation or obstacle that seems to block their way. I want to show them that there is so much more they can do — the possibilities truly are unlimited!”

Vanessa Ramirez JassoValues that bless the world

Now in her second year as an art teacher for an independent K–8 school for boys, Vanessa is still growing and discovering new possibilities.

“In my current job, I’ve been challenged to be a leader that pushes students to grow. What I want my kids to learn, I have to first model for them — honesty, kindness, and integrity.  Daily, I rely on my values and try to apply them in a way that will bless our school community and the world.”

Due to the generosity of friends of The Albert Baker Fund (ABF), we were able to support Vanessa’s professional growth by awarding her a scholarship for each of her four years of college. “It was the extra funding I needed, and I am so grateful for ABF’s support throughout my entire college career,” says Vanessa.

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