Get the Right People to Support You

NetworkingEvery journey in your life is made better by having the right company along for the adventure.

Your career is no different! Finding a job is easier the more people you know, who can offer inspiration, feedback from their own experiences and connections to jobs you want.

To build your network:

  • Host informational interviews with friends, family and other connections
  • Initiate conversations with alumni from your same studies program
  • Consider every conversation a potential job lead–classmates, neighbors, whoever you talk to!

Our College-to-Career Roadmap guides you through incremental career development steps to take as you move from day one of your degree or certificate program through graduation and beyond.

Explore videos, interviews, articles and exclusive tips that can help you identify and connect with the right people to build your professional network and increase your opportunities to get the job you want.

Part 3 of 5:

Build the right network to help you succeed. The Albert Baker Fund is here for you!